At the moment there are more than ten different wings, which differ in characteristics and properties, so the first thing you need to do is to choose. The minimum value of the height at which they can raise equal to 107 feet (wings of a demon or angel), and maximum 286 (wings of Ribana).
To get the ingredients to create the wings, you must go to Hardmod. It is necessary to destroy the boss "Wall of flesh" in the lower levels of the dungeon. Throw the Guide doll into the lava, and you will see the boss. Using hooks or a prepared pad, runs away from him and prepared shoot bullets or arrows.
To "Terrarium" make the wings, you must gather the appropriate ingredients. The simplest versions are made from shimmering shower that will drop from monsters. You need to collect at least 20 pieces. The rest of the ingredients depend on the specific model. To create fairy wings or butterfly, find the 100 components of the pollen fairies or 1 component of pollen butterflies. For wings related game creatures, it is necessary to produce one unit of things from their loot. To create the wings of a demon or angel, you will need ten feathers, 25 souls of light or darkness.
After you have all the necessary components, go to orichalcos or mirilovic the anvil. Then press ESC and in the crafting menu, find an option. Click on it with the left mouse button, and then drag to your menu. To wear the wings, move them to the unit "Clothes and accessories".