Spike at home-orchids: to crop or not to crop

Growers with experience still recommend without hesitation to cut the Phalaenopsis spike. However, before doing this you should carefully inspect the plant. If the condition of the leaves and roots are good, and the tip of the peduncle green, most likely it can appear new buds, and home-made Orchid again will appreciate its long flowering. In this case, the circumcision of the peduncle should be a crime. However, orchids will bloom soon. Often re-flowering is necessary to wait from one to three months. However, it's worth it!

If the tip of the stalk has changed its color, i.e. black, yellow or even dried up, the emergence of new buds already can not hope. In this case, you must trim the stems, but not completely, and only the upper part. Make it should be just one inch above from the nearest sleeping buds.

After cutting one of the kidneys can quickly Wake up and form a baby or a new lateral stems. Only it can happen also in a few months. If you want to Wake up the kidney as early as possible, place the plant in a room with high temperature. The best option would be room temperature +28 - +30 degrees. Also during this period, the Phalaenopsis requires high humidity. To do this, it should be regularly sprayed. It will be useful about him to put a bowl of water.

How to speed up the flowering of Phalaenopsis

The probability of formation of a new Bud or kids on the old spike is not too large. If you do not wish to wait until the old spike will Wake up Bud, cut it completely to the base. With proper care a few months after the removal of the old flower stalk of Phalaenopsis, the new forms. To speed up this process you can also. To do this, reduce watering and place the Orchid in the home where it will be a noticeable difference between day and night temperature of at least 6-7 degrees.