How to propagate orchids at home division

To propagate orchids with sympodial form of growth is possible by division. This simple method is suitable for plants that have not one point of growth, eventually forming a sprout, and then pseudobulb. The more the plants will pseudobulbs, the more successful will be the division. So can be propagated miltonia, Cymbidium, can, odontoglossum, Lelia, Dendrobium, Cattleya.

Propagation of orchids in this way should be done in early spring. The plant should be removed from the pot, the roots to release from the substrate, wash with warm water. Then the rhizome should be carefully cut to each piece 2 or more pseudobulbs. Place slices to handle the charcoal. Each newly acquired plant is planted in a separate pot with the substrate. Further requires compliance with the watering. As soon as the first shoots, then, Orchid has taken root.

How to propagate orchids at home by cuttings

Propagation of orchids from monopodial form of growth need to carry out cuttings because these plants do not exist pseudobulb. This method is suitable for sarcochilus, Phalaenopsis, ascocentrum, vanilla, Wanda, brassavola, vandopsis, angrecum, aerides. The side shoots or the faded flower stalks should be cut into lengths of 10 to 15 cm, at each cutting should be two or more node with the kidneys. The lower Bud on the peduncle is considered the most powerful. The capacity to fill moist soil. It can be sand or sphagnum moss. Ready cuttings laid on the soil surface, cover with foil. To plant the plant after the appearance of roots.

How to propagate orchids at home kids

To propagate orchids and with the help of children, young plants (lateral shoots) that appear on withered stalks. If the plant is fed with nitrogen fertilizers, or contain high humidity and high temperature, can intensify the appearance of children. Newborn babies require frequent spraying, this contributes to the appearance of the roots.

About three months after the appearance of the kids should be on the parent plant. During this time they grow up, you will see 3 or 4 leaves, and young roots reached a length of 5-7 cm Is the optimal size for transplanting into the ground. Plant with longer roots are more difficult to transplant.

For separating the babies from the main plant have to use clean and sharp tools. On each side leave 1 centimeter. Charcoal powder is required to treat the cut. Baby is placed in a pot with a substrate and for several months, delayed the film to create a greenhouse effect.

How to propagate orchids at home seeds

Propagation of orchids by seed is a long process and complex, requires special sterile conditions. You must first prepare the soil of chopped moss and leaf soil and moisten. The seeds of orchids are so small that like a fine dust. On moist soil in rows to sow the seeds, top not covered. Next, you need to maintain a sterile environment with high humidity and a temperature of 22-25 °C. Seeds are not watered, and sprayed with warm soft water. After the first piece held the first pick in the ground, composed of moss and peat in equal amounts. The second pick is held as soon as the second leaf. In the ground are added, the addition of moss and peat, chopped fern roots. Planting small orchids in separate pots is carried out after the appearance of the fourth sheet. Now you need to properly care for plants and patience, since the propagation of orchids in this way gives the opportunity to admire the first flowers only a few years.