With careful bookkeeping records will come in handy in any situation. So take it, even if the law allows in your case not to. Tax documents you will in any case fill (fiscal authorities) and management accounting on the basis of accounting will need to analyze many aspects of the account of the goods and performance of the store.
Hire an accounting professional to not take care of quality and timely accounting, delving into all the nuances. Thus you will always have at hand all the necessary information, the relevance and accuracy of which is guaranteed. The trouble with the incoming and outgoing documents, their synthesis and analysis will get you a party. This method is the most expensive but also the most reliable. In the face of an accountant, you will find a good assistant.
Contact a firm specializing in providing accounting services. A lot of them, and the cost of assistance in record keeping different. It depends on the company's image, easy mutual connection, presence (or absence) of insurance, the amount of work. You'll pay less than hiring a personal accountant. But the likelihood is high that your Affairs will be handled by different people, not interested in the specifics of your shop.
Stipulate in the contract the full support of the introduction of the primary documentation before sending tax returns. Or do the input and synthesis of the primary alone, and at an accounting firm put only the functions for processing the collected information. Put a condition to advise you for a fee on certain issues. The big drawback in this scenario is the need to constantly carry or send documents to the firm, previously gathered them and spreading to the species.
Keep a record in the store on their own. You need only a desire to understand and time. Buy a specialized program (the most common of them is 1C:Accounting) adapting to trade, which is largely automatiseret process. With it, you will only need to fully and timely pay the credit documents. She'll do the rest for you.
Develop your own accounting records, which will be most convenient for you. They should include information on the receipt and expenditure of goods (for tracking balances), to accumulate the sum of costs (for cost analysis), traces the daily amount of cash inflows and putting it in the Bank (to calculate revenue and cash balance), accrue wages, together with its payment (for debt elimination) to be the sum of supplies and their repayment deadlines (to avoid overpayment or penalties for late repayment of debt) – and still more, that in the conduct of trading activities every day.