If you decide to neuter the cat – do not immediately sign up for the operation. First, consult your vet – let him examine your pet, assess his condition. Possible before the operation will need to pass a urine and feces – especially if we are talking about adult animal that might have time to "earn" urolithiasis (kidney infection are contraindications to surgery). If the cat found infections or parasites need to produce the treatment. The operation can be done no earlier than three weeks after that.
If the cat is not vaccinated, the vaccination will also need to spend to castration for 3-4 weeks. After the operation, the animal organism will be weakened and the risk of "catching" an infection will increase.
почему у кошек выпадает шерсть
Immediately before surgery the cat will have to starve. Drugs for anesthesia in animals cause a gag reflex, so is done only on an empty stomach. Stop to feed the pet for 12 hours before surgery, water for 4-6 hours.
Какие витамины давать кошке
If the cat is very nervous during visits to the veterinary clinic before you travel for surgery, you can give him a sedative, so he felt extra stress. But in this case, be sure to pre-consult with your veterinarian.
можно ли кормить сырым мясом кастрированного кота
Before you go into surgery, prepare everything you need in order to help your cat postoperative period. The first thing you will need – warm and wind-protected place where the cat will "move away" from the anesthesia. Better if the "nest" will be located on the floor: in the early hours of coordination of movements the cat can be broken.
Зачем кастрировать котов
Remove from the tray filler. Hard pellets can injure or clog the wound – so the first week after surgery it is better to put in the tray is torn to pieces of paper. Can be purchased for these purposes 2-3 roll of cheap toilet paper.
Can also be purchased in veterinary pharmacy or pet store plastic postoperative collar that will not allow the animal to lick the wound, thereby slowing the healing process. This problem often occurs during sterilization of females, but some cats may also show an increased interest in postoperative seams. To predict in advance how to behave like an animal, so it is better to prepare in advance collar.