The world is perceived by each person, using all of the senses, which include eyes. However, there are many different factors that negatively affect this organ. Such factors may include permanent seat at the TV, computer work, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, regular lack of sleep as well as reading in low light or in a moving vehicle.

The man who his sight does not take care, will definitely face the problem of deterioration. Images before my eyes become less bright and saturated, will begin to blur. In the eyes there will be a constant burning sensation or discomfort.
In the best case, bad vision will be prescribed glasses for regular wear or for some time, and in the worst case, the doctor can send the surgery vision correction. Therefore, it is important to promptly visit a specialist for routine vision testing.

Where to carry out the vision test?

A lot depends on paid or free plan to get your eyes checked. When choosing the free check, you must visit the medical institution to which attached residential address of the person. This can be a special Department in a hospital or a local clinic.

This method is bad but the fact that you have to sign up in advance to a specialist running every day, and then sit a long time in endless queues. Those who value their time and prefer the comfort, fit paid service examinations in commercial medical institutions.

Cost of consultation and testing vision commercial institutions is relatively small, but their visit has many advantages. First, there is no need to sit in queues, just call and make an appointment, then come to a medical facility, where they will take on the new visitor map.

Payment is usually made after a visit to the optometrist. I would also like to note that specialists are working in paid medical institutions every day, that is to come in at a time that is most convenient.

Pass a vision test is possible and in the opticians in which there is a study ophthalmologist. As a rule, these professionals have a high quality and precise equipment with which to check the eyesight for fifteen minutes. The cost of services of optometrist optics is low, and if necessary, you can also select and order glasses.

How often you need to check your vision?

People absolutely do not have vision problems, aged less than 45 years should undergo preventive inspection once every two years. Next, check with good vision should take place once a year.

Unscheduled access to specialists should be in the following cases:

- with the appearance of burning and itching in the eyes;
- diplopia (seeing double);
- pain in the eyes and edema of the eyelids.

If the iris color has changed or become slightly squint his eyes, it also is a major cause for visits to the doctor.