To check eyesight, requires no special training. If you are using contact lenses or glasses, bring them with you. Some drugs can affect vision, so don't forget to tell the doctor about all the medicines you are taking.
The sharpness of the distance vision test using a special table Golovin-Sivtseva, which is named in honor of ophthalmologists, who developed this method. The table consists of twelve horizontal rows of letters of different sizes. In the upper part of the large letters, each near the size of the letters decreases in accordance with a certain regularity. The table feature on the wall, the patient should be kept at a distance of six meters from her.
Increasingly, instead of a table with printed letters use electronic projectors marks. These devices allow you to project letters, symbols, and other symbols on a screen located at a close distance.
The patient is instructed to close one eye with a special valve and check the visual acuity for each eye. You must read the letters in each row. If you are able to read all the letters in tenth place, the sharpness of your vision and the ideal is 1.0. If you can identify the letters in the ninth line – 0,9; if only in the eighth – 0.8 and so on.
To check near vision using a small card with printed text. Each paragraph is written with the letters of various sizes. To keep the text should be at a distance of 33-35 cm at eye level. If you have normal visionm has to read the whole text. If you are not able to read even the largest letters in the table Sivtseva-Golovin, the doctor will apply another technique to check the visual acuity.
At home to determine the visual acuity at the makeshift table, but very roughly, as it is impossible to meet all the requirements of the conditions of the study – contrast marks, the exact size of letters, illumination and so on.