The baptism of two fingers in the Slavic Orthodox tradition

Differences between Slavic Orthodoxy from Christianity a lot. Should be the most fundamental of them. They were designated the Christian Church in the 17th century, becoming one of the main reasons for the persecution of the followers of the old Slavonic of the Orthodox faith – those who are called believers. In the Slavic Orthodox sacred importance was the baptism of duberstein. The fact that the sacrament of baptism also appeared long before Christianity, he taught the Magi. In the baptism of two fingers the middle finger represents God, and the index – person. Thus, duperie meant the unity of man with God.

Custom to be baptized right to left also came from Slavic Orthodoxy and preserved in Orthodox Christianity. For the ancient Slavs baptism from right to left signified the victory of light over darkness and of truth over falsehood.

A symbol of faith for Christians is Jesus Christ himself, and for the Orthodox Slavs and the old believers is an ancient equilateral cross, which originally was solar circle. This cross symbolized the way the Government (in other words – the Truth), the starting point for which was the moment of sunrise.

However, the light of life and destiny in the Slavic Orthodoxy

The truth and the light of life in the tradition of Slavic Orthodoxy symbolized by odd numbers. Hence to this day it is a tradition to give for the holidays an odd number of colors, and even – to bring the deceased for whom the light of life already extinguished.

In Slavic Orthodoxy existed the concept of destiny, embodies faith in the rozhanitsy – the heavenly hosts world and the ancient goddesses of fate. Was it the concept of God's judgment mentioned in "Word about Igor's regiment".

Came to Russia Christianity has existed for centuries with the Orthodox Church and became Orthodox Christianity. Realizing how much Christianity has mixed with Slavic Orthodoxy, Patriarch Nikon decided to correct the Church books and customs of the Greek canons. As a result, reform of Nikon not only led to the persecution of believers, but also to the destruction of the preserved heritage of the Slavic Orthodoxy.

In Christianity the Orthodox Slavs is not even mentioned. However light image of Jesus Christ taken root in Russian soil, and Christianity has become one of the most important components of Russian culture. In fact, Christianity and Slavic Orthodoxy – it is just different ways to comprehend one God, but because they are equally worthy of respect. Unlike Slavic Orthodoxy is that it is closer to the spiritual origins of ancient cultures.