Sign of the cross is an indispensable attribute of Christian prayer. Making the sign of the cross, praying calls upon the divine Grace of the Holy spirit.

In 1054 ad there was a Schism of Christianity (Great Schism) in the Western and Eastern churches, resulting in the formation of the two directions, is quite intolerant to each other: Orthodoxy and Catholicism (and as part of it – Protestantism).

In addition, the fundamental difference is the trappings of Church Ministry and, in particular, the manner of the sign of the cross.

As baptized Catholics

In the process of supplication a believer "draws" on himself the likeness of a cross. Before the split had no basic value, from right to left or left to right draw a horizontal line cross.

But in order for the unification of Catholic Christianity at the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century it was established the modern form of the overlay of the cross banner.

Catholics are baptized in the following order: from top to bottom and left to right. There are several explanations for the direction from left to right. One of them: praying opens the good door to the heart. The other version is more voluminous: the left side is associated with the devil, right with light and strength, and swiping your hand from left to right, the believer shows the road to goodness.

As baptized Orthodox

Orthodox Christians put the cross right to left. Just as in Catholicism, it is assumed that the left side is the devil, and by swiping your hand from right to left, a man serves God and other higher power to fight with the evil one.

In Orthodoxy and in Catholicism horizontal gesture indicates the direction of motion between good and evil.

Why Protestants don't do the sign of the cross

Protestantism as the course evolved from Catholicism, but religion is the protest against some postulates. In this regard, the Protestants are not to cross himself, citing the fact that nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christ and his disciples were baptized, or prayed to icons.

How to fold the fingers

For Catholics unprincipled how to fold the fingers when applying the cross. Allowed traditional troeperstie, open palm, with a slightly pressed inward with the thumb.

Orthodox baptism is by freeparties in recognition of the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit.

But the result of an internal schism of the Orthodox Church separated quite significant stratum – the old believers. Believers are baptized by deeperstill, believing that Judas took a pinch of salt and the defiled troeperstie.