You will need
  • Metal cookware with a flat bottom.
Electric, in contrast gas heat set it on the dish entire surface of the burner. Therefore, it is very important that all pots, casseroles, pans and other utensils you use when cooking, was with a flat bottom. Therefore, the electric stoves are not suitable cauldrons and pans and raisins. Because of their convex bottom electric cooker warms up unevenly, so that the plate may deteriorate, and the food will be prepared much worse.
Equally important is the size of the cookware. It needs as closely as possible to match the size of the burner on which you put it. If the difference is not more than half an inch, this is acceptable. However, it is worth remembering that in vessels whose diameter is slightly less than the burner, the food will be cooked faster, and if more slower.
Conventional cast-iron "pancakes" slowly heat up and slowly cool down. In no case do not place the cookware on the burner, glowing red. Turn it off and wait a while until it goes off. However, this property can be used with advantage. If the dish you are cooking, you want to simmer on a slow fire, it can be very hot cast-iron griddle, and then just turn it off and leave to cool slowly. If the food, by contrast, requires rapid fire, it is best to preheat the stove and put the pan on the already hot "damn". And be sure to turn off the heating in advance before the meal is ready.
The ceramic glass surface has its own characteristics. It heats up and cools down much faster than cast iron, so the landlady, accustomed to the gas, it will be much easier to occur with glass-ceramic. However, such a surface is even more demanding of the dishes. Do not use aluminum or copper pots — these metals easily interact with the glass ceramic and leave traces from which it is very difficult to get rid of. Enamel pot chipped on the bottom is also better not to put on a ring to avoid scratches.
Try not to pour onto the hot ceramic glass panel salt or sugar and to shed water. Because of them, it can crack.
If you have a stove with induction plates, cookware heat-resistant glass will remain cold. For induction cookers is suitable only metal cookware made of ferromagnetic alloys. You can check this with a simple magnet if it is attracted to your pot, so she's good. Induction cooker heats up faster than usual, so watch out for cereal, soup or other food, tend to escape when boiling.