Advice 1: How to identify your husband that he is cheating on me

While the relationship of husband and wife must trust each other, it should not be "in the pink glasses". Cheating husband talks about the fact that something was wrong. And finally, adultery can destroy the family. Often women try to "expose" her husband by checking his cell phone, Internet correspondence and even pockets. However, there are more reliable ways to learn, faithful to your husband. And you don't have to resort to such dubious methods.
How to identify your husband that he is cheating on me
One of the first signs that husband is seeing someone, can be a lengthy regular "no work" out of working time. This is especially noticeable when used overtime my husband was not. In addition, you can notice that her husband at the same time kept away from you. Don't pay attention as before. Or, on the contrary, was in relation to you, more tender than usual. This may mean that the husband wants to divert your attention from suspicion of his fidelity. In addition, you can notice that her husband began to monitor their appearance more than usual. Or that when he comes back with "overtime", from his glittering eyes. These and other signs suggest a change in your husband that can talk about his "trips left". However, these characteristics as a whole can not be trusted. Perhaps the husband really is working more than usual, not showing attention to you because he's tired. Maybe he wants to "refresh" your relationship. Therefore, only the outward signs to be relied upon.
The tendency to flirt, and "trips left" can be defined by the way the husband behaves in a public place. Pays attention to you only, or periodically turns on women? Lee looks at other women, appraising interested or "groping" look? Whether he is inclined to swagger in behavior? Wears tight clothes to attract attention of the opposite sex? If you see these signs, do not blame the husband that he looks at other girls or dressed to attract attention. In 1, the accusations do not change anything. In-2, even if the husband changes his behavior, nature will not change. In-2, the husband will blame jealousy in response. Just make conclusions for themselves that the husband can not resist the temptation and not inclined to monogamy.
To understand whether the husband for infidelity, you can by sign language. Talk confidentially with her husband and ask a simple question: "How important to you loyalty? Perhaps the question will seem somewhat silly, but it does have one advantage. That is a direct question. And, therefore, assumes a straight answer. Most importantly, ask questions at the right time, "by the way." Listen not only what he says but how he says. As far as his speech is sincere, whether in the voice of bitterness, resentment, anger? If he is using protective gestures such as, crossing arms on your chest? Maybe you felt in his body the tension? Pay attention to nonverbal cues such as avoidance of gaze, rubbing the ear lobe or the tip of the nose, deviation of the body and shoulders away from you. It is also a protective gesture. Flirty facial expressions – for example, lip "bow", a playful smile suggests that he perceives the intimate relationship as a game.
A penchant for adultery can be defined and pictures. Look at your photos where you together. Better if these pictures upright. Imagine that the photograph you have of the magnetic pole. If you are both equally inclined to the magnetic pole, it means you are a harmonious couple. Maybe you both deviate from the magnetic poles? Or one of you deviates from the magnetic pole, and the other reaches for it? It happens that one partner is flirting with the camera and the other looking at him with loving eyes... So, those of you, who shifts the body away from the "magnetic poles", can be prone to cheating. Be observant and you will see a lot of what used to not paying attention.
But the best thing about the infidelity of a husband will tell his aura. After each sexual contact the human aura associated with aura for a sexual partner for 3 days. Even if it was an isolated incident of intimacy, within 72 hours the human aura contains this information. This change in the aura of a partner will talk about infidelity in a partner better than any external signs.
But think about this. The thought is material. If you think all the time about what a husband you can change, sooner or later it will happen. Therefore, in the first place should be no thoughts about infidelity and love. Remember that no loyalty will not be eternal, if you criticize her husband, trying to change it and do not appreciate what we have.

Advice 2 : How to prove adultery of her husband

When in doubt of the faithfulness of husband, life becomes hard. There are undeniable signs by which you can understand whether your husband is cheating, either you cheat yourself.
How to prove adultery of her husband

Observe the behavior of the husband

Often the woman is unaware of infidelity, because he doesn't want to see her. Try to impartially evaluate the behavior of the husband. You should alert sudden mood swings, the long hours at work, frequently changing plans. Remember, maybe your spouse often called to work in the evening or on weekends. It's a red flag. You can to check on her husband, calling him to the office and learned about his schedule. If the husband has a mistress, he will try more often to absent himself from the house. The pretext will be the help his brother, fishing with friends, lunch with my parents. If such absences become too much a reason to think. Also the husband can change his behavior towards you. He can be extremely affectionate and caring out of a sense of guilt or, on the contrary, he will ignore you and get annoyed for any reason.
A sign of a relationship on the side is a sharp change in sexual habits in any direction.

Check contacts

Of course, to delve into other people's phones and computers - not very good. But sometimes it's the only way to prove adultery is not. If your moral principles do not allow me to check the contacts of her husband, wait for the right moment. Sooner or later, he can leave the phone open messages or call log, or forget to log out from your account in the social network. You can also go to the trick - ask the husband to give the phone to make a call, supposedly you run out of money. Or say that you need to send the email, and you forgot the password of my email. If the spouse will become confused or begin frantically to remove something from the phone and mail, ask directly what he's trying to hide.
A sign of trouble is sudden "secret" conversations of a husband behind closed doors and often sitting in social networks.

Image change - proof of infidelity

Rare man following the fashion trends and are overly concerned about their appearance. If your husband suddenly became a different dress, changed my hairstyle and started to use expensive perfume, when earlier he could not stand, it should alert you. A sign of infidelity may be increased interest in personal fitness, sports. Please note, the form in which the husband goes to his overtime work or meeting friends, not if he pays excessive attention to appearance. Try gently to talk with her husband, to know what such changes are connected. But don't push it and don't make a scandal. He is probably doing it just to please you.
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