General rules

Doctors recommend to wash at least 2 times a day − morning and evening. Adult females necessary to perform this hygiene before and after intercourse. We need this in order to wash away all the accumulated bacteria in the intimate area and prevent them from penetrating deeper inside.
Many women are not even aware that a disease such as cystitis, in half of the cases is not due to hypothermia, and due to improper hygiene of the intimate area.

It is necessary to wash only with clean hands. Therefore, pre-wash them with soap and water, paying attention to and subungual area, because there are large quantities of it accumulate bacteria and germs. In addition, it is worth remembering that water for cleaning must be warm. This is due to the fact that wash cold easily leads to the development of inflammation.

During hygienic procedures, it is important to act strictly in a certain direction. Women should to wash only front to back - from the vagina to the anus, which is very close. This is due to the fact that if you change direction, you can quickly and easily put a serious infection in a sexual way. After all, from the anus out E. coli, which when properly performed the cleaning quickly moves forward and begins to actively proliferate, causing serious infectious diseases requiring prolonged and painful treatment.
By the way, wipe the toilet and wipe the anus after defikatsii must also front to back.

Padmavati, it is not necessary to direct the soul inside. So you can quickly wash away natural lubrication of the internal protecting the woman's genitals from infections. As a result, they become vulnerable to germs. Many ladies claim that washing with chlorophyllin, for example, helps them to achieve freshness. However, experts believe that douching and vaginal washing - therapeutic procedure, and it may be performed only on medical advice, with clear instructions. Resort to this method only if there is a burning sensation of the vagina or an unpleasant smell from the genital tract. In any case, you first need to consult a doctor.

To RUB the delicate intimate area with washcloths and not worth it. First, there is considerable risk of injury to the delicate mucosa. Secondly, the sponges and the sponges accumulate bacteria, which are then easily transported to the sex organs, causing inflammation.

Special attention should be given to funds that ladies is additionally used for personal hygiene. Apply for cleaning regular soap it is impossible - it is too harsh for delicate and sensitive zone. It is recommended to use special means with a neutral level of acidity.

After cleaning the genitals need to be dried. This will require a special towel, which must necessarily be soft. Of course, it should be clean - it is desirable not only to wash, but also to boil and carefully Ironing. To dry the genitals need promocional - rubbing a tender area in any case impossible.

If it is not possible to carry out a full cleaning, for example, you in the long road the whole day, etc., can use special wipes designed for intimate hygiene. Of course, they will not replace a shower, but will help to return a sense of purity and freshness.

How to wash pregnant and lactating mothers

Special attention to personal personal hygiene should be given to women pregnant and new mothers. This is due to the fact that in the body before birth is the active hormonal changes which affect including the intimate area. And after giving birth, women start selection, which should be washed thoroughly to avoid an infection.

Ideally, the future and already taken place mothers need to wash after each trip to the toilet. In the case that it is problematic to fulfill, for example, a woman works, is to use a disinfectant wet wipe.

The basic rules are no different from those recommended for all women. Only: when performing cleaning women in the position will have to choose a convenient posture. After all, not all because of the growing belly comfortably undercut traditionally standing.