Log in to your mailbox. If the computer does not recognize you automatically, type your username and password. And decide how you will presented you as the owner of a mail recipient.
Go to settings mail box. To do this, locate the corresponding word or icon that changes color when you hover over it. Different postal services and they are located in different parts of the page. In boxx and, and settings can be found at the bottom of the post window, on the lowest die. On on the contrary, they are in the top right corner, under the name of your box.
Enter the section inside of settings, offering a replacement letter. Different postal services call it different. In this "Master letters" in - "sender Information", - "Accounts and import". To find the right section just need to find where mentions the words "your name" or "name".
Change information about you. offers to write the name, surname and patronymic in the same window. Services you have three alias and choose them depending on the need. To do this, check the "set as default" next to your legal name or your online nickname. gives you the ability to fill in two options: the name of the account and the alias can be changed at will.
Use disposable mail address without renaming the primary address. This opportunity provides When registering, for example, in online stores or the forums specify the mail format If someone send an email to this address, it will automatically fall into the "Spam"folder.
Register a new login and a new mailbox, if the previous address does not suit you.