You need to be able to control yourself in any situation. If you quit your boyfriend, you feel remorse and you want him back, don't call and fall to his knees, you should think whether this is for you, maybe fate so ordered that you are gone. You should never jump to conclusions.

Control of the situation

First of all, to bring back your boyfriend, you need to get in order to go to the hairdresser, buy nice underwear and dress. Adjust your image. You need to remember that you always wanted from your favorite man what he likes in other girls, which did you do. You can arrange a meeting, wear a sexier outfit, make a bright make-up, and you should not cry and tell him how you miss him and can't live without him.
A guy like hunter: if the victim herself goes to him, it is not interesting. Interest appears only when you want to catch.

At the meeting, remind him gently the best moment in your life, you would have to be light and playful, flirt, but don't say that you don't mind to get back together. He has to show he wants to be with you, unaware of your game. The guys have to say also compliments and exalt them, that you it will increase self-esteem, and he won't remember everything said earlier about him. Invite him to spend the evening alone, if he does not agree, do not insist and do not roll up a hysterics, and simply say goodbye to him. Next time he'll invite you, when cooled from the offense. But if your desire for reconciliation is mutual, you should finish at home with a bottle of champagne.
In end of evening have sex, you have to show him how you like being with him. After that, no man will remember the former offense.

To starve

Often aggressively are not very experienced and young girl, because this method is no good in the future will not. You will only annoy your favorite guy, and he wants faster to run away from you. But some men remain close, though not for long, but for women it is the joy. You can throw at him and give a thousand oaths that never again. Play suicide or its attempt, and the man gets scared and come running to you. You can not name one option of reconciliation, but the most basic and effective is the recognition of their mistakes and a sincere apology, told from the heart, because loving people very often forget the bad.