Think about whether you want to restore the relationship. It is likely that old feelings will not return. Times a rift, then, was the reason. And if it was an ordinary quarrel, but the love remains, you can try to fix it. But when the feelings are gone, nothing can fix.
Don't sit and wait that everything will be solved by itself. Analyze the reasons for the gap, remember, who was the initiator. If you decide to make a point, but now changed the mind, everything is relatively simple. The young man most likely was still experiencing feelings for you. Call him and schedule an appointment. You will need to explain, apologize for the emotionality, irascibility. Saying sincerely that he believed you. Although if you believe that this man you need, the words turn out true and honest.
In the case when the initiator of the break was the guy, the situation becomes more complicated. But do not despair. Remember all that was before the breakup, try to find the reason for the departure of the young man. Probably during the last conversation he expressed to you their claims. Think about what you can fix in yourself and your style of behavior. The most important thing in this situation – not just to get a guy and keep him then. If not remove the irritants, quarrels and separation will be inevitable. Perhaps you have given your loved one a little time. Or, on the contrary, plagued with his obsession, control and jealousy. If you want to get it back, change yourself and change the style of relations.
Talk to your man the situation. Call it a Frank conversation, offer to start "from scratch". Promise me you'll listen to him and his desires. If he has feelings for you, he will not refuse to give a second chance to your relationship. Not so simple a complete break with the person who is close to you.