Advice 1: Why stick out the edges

Attentive parents may notice that children begin to bulge the ribs. This symptom can be a sign of rickets or deformities of the chest, so the child needs to see a doctor.
Why stick out the edges

Protruding ribs is a symptom of rickets

Rickets - a disease that develops as a result of lack of vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin D occurs due to the improper feeding or poor assimilation of this organic compound in the intestine due to weakness in the enzyme of gastrointestinal tract, dysbiosis, frequent violations of the chair. Consequences of rickets are pronounced changes in the skeletal system, chest deformity with bulging of the ribs on the right and left or only one side, weakness of muscles, ligaments, anemia and other disorders. For the treatment of the disease should consult a doctor. As a rule, in this case, prescribers of vitamin D. it is Also necessary to adhere to certain rules in the livelihood and behavior of a child. Full proper nutrition, regular exercise, walks in the fresh air will help to normalize the growth and development of the skeletal system.

With protruding ribs, the child will benefit from the following exercises. You need to lay his back on a hard surface. You should then perform a light pressure on the protruding ribs for one minute with a frequency of one movement per second. The exercise you do daily once a day. With protruding ribs, the child should eat five times a day. In the daily diet should always include meat, seafood, vegetables, cereals from whole grains (buckwheat, oats, millet, corn). The bulk of calories a child should consume in the morning. Important and drinking regime. You should drink water in the morning on an empty stomach and before meals in volume to 50 ml. Water should be at room temperature.
The child has quite a lot to move – to run, walk, jump, swim.

Chest deformity: symptoms, treatment

Protruding ribs can be the result of congenital deformation of the chest. The most common funnel-shaped deformation when the flaps are pushed inwards towards the spine. The chest is expanded, the side walls of the funnel are formed by the costal cartilages, which are located at a right angle. Sometimes the deformation of the ribs can stick out only from the left or right side.
The causes of this pathology is an abnormal development of the cartilage of the ribs and diaphragm.

Funnel chest causes displacement and compression of internal organs, as a result, violated their function. The child lags in physical development, it appear vegetative disorders, pulmonary disorders. Currently, this pathology is treated primarily surgically. During the operation removes all elements of the deformity. When properly carried out surgical treatment the prognosis is favorable in the cosmetic correction of the chest and improve the functioning of internal organs.

Advice 2 : What are the dangers of removing edges

Remove the ribs are usually adopted by people in public, but today, when plastic surgery has become more accessible, women of average means decided on this surgery for a slim waist. It is performed under General anesthesia, because pain is not felt, but to pay for a wasp waist some have the rest of my life.
What are the dangers of removing edges
Thinking about removing the lower ribs for a slim waist, you should take into account that this surgery is indicated only for those women whose shape does not allow other methods available to achieve the desired standards of beauty and only in cases where such a physiological feature that really causes moral suffering, and changes shape improve the socialization of the patient and allow her to live an active life. Of course, in private clinics after necessary examinations surgery to remove ribs will hold everyone, but before that we will introduce with the consequences, most women, upon hearing about possible complications, waive the operation.

The operation itself does not make the waist narrower, changes only the visual perception of the figure by lengthening your waist. Postoperative scars are inevitable even if the superimposed cosmetic seams, will definitely have to go back to the doctors to make the scars less noticeable.

Why you need a 12th pair of ribs

Bottom of the twelfth pair of ribs protect the internal organs from shock and damage, after the removal of the kidneys, liver and spleen are vulnerable. If the woman leads an active life, engaged in extreme sports, such surgery is contraindicated. Not recommend it and nulliparous women who plan to become a mother in the future. To bear a child without the twelfth pair of ribs is much more difficult.

Complications after resection of the lower pairs of ribs

Accidental injury, accident even a simple fall on a slippery track can be deadly for those who have missing the bottom couple of ribs. Internal organs lose their only protection, and because even a minor blow force often leads to hemorrhage or separation of the body.

In his youth, postoperative complications almost never occur, but aging of the organism the absence of ribs makes itself known. Almost all patients who have resected the ribs, appears nephroptosis, with the omission of the kidneys. The problem starts with the urinary system, up to chronic pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis, which shorten life by 5-10 years.
The lower pair of ribs involved in respiration, after the removal of the rib may be diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, disorders of the lung, emphysema.

Some patients notes the phantom pain, have sore ribs. This usually happens when the weather changes, the weather-sensitive people the probability of occurrence of phantom pain higher. Patients with excess weight, high body weight is not recommended to remove the bottom couple of ribs, as this will not improve the figure, and will only increase the load on the spine.
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