Recently, British journalists from Auto Express have compiled a new version of the annual rating of the most reliable cars. This list includes Dacia Logan MCV – an almost exact copy of the Lada Largus. So this car, collected at the facilities of AVTOVAZ, can be considered the most reliable means of transport among the other representatives, produced by the industry. Some motorists have already tested the car in the case and delivered its verdict.

Dignity Lada Largus

In the first place was marked by its good design features. The level of ergonomics is not inferior to the level of other cars in this class. Many motorists would say how important it is to have the ability to adjust the seat, and here it is. Of machine offers a good overview, the shift lever is in a convenient field access, and interior trim, though not amazing, but is able to satisfy the requirements of the average driver. In fact, the motorist together with the auto gets almost full forcemeat": floor mats, heated mirrors, alarm with auto start STARLINE 9, rear mud guards and more.

A huge plus is the large trunk and soft suspension, the car is not terrible roads and steep turns. According to the President of the company "AVTOVAZ" Igor Komarov, in the near future it is planned to produce Lada Largus with all-wheel drive. In addition to passenger five - and seven-seater wagon, it is planned to produce double the cargo van Lada Largus. In addition, it is planned to expand the color palette: plans to submit to the judgment of motorists Lada Largus black, blue, red and beige colors.

Disadvantages Of Lada Largus

Of the minuses, the majority of motorists said bad sound insulation, bad fastening of a spare wheel, which is located on the bottom between the rear wheels. A car is not provided a device for towing. Some users report problems with the closing of the door presumably because of their irregular shape or installation. And the most painful issue remains the consumption of gasoline. Among other things, can be called a racing idle. One HUNDRED workers argue that it is a problem of national scale. Well, gearbox, engine and chassis most of the respondents have no complaints.

In General, in the price range from 300,000 to 500,000 rubles is a great choice, auto is perfectly adapted for work and for family trips out of town with the kids.