The easiest way to teach a cat to teams, based on its habits. For example, all cats can get up on his hind legs. You can develop this skill. Take a piece of poop in your hand and raise above the head of a cat. First, keep food is not very high so the pussy could easily get a treat. Then lift higher and higher, and slowly pull back. The cat will follow you on their hind legs. You can gradually teach the cat to walk just over the outstretched hand and delicious pieces to give after the end of the room.
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Still it is possible to train a cat to walk the snake between the feet of the master. Striped Pets love to snuggle on knees. Catch the moment when the cat is near you. Extend the right leg forward, lowering the hand with the treat up to knee level. When the cat will be under foot, put your left foot forward and repeat the procedure with food. Your household pet will require quite a bit of time to understand what is required of him.
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It is very easy to teach a cat to fetch a ball. First, tie the toy to a rope and engage your pet povezav the ball on the floor. When the cat begins to miss his teeth and paws, slowly take away a toy, to treat a purring cat. It should say "give me the ball". Repeat a few times. Then drop the ball near you. Tell the cat "give me the ball". If fluffy baby listened to you - reward him a delicious meal.
How to teach <b>cat</b> <strong>commands</strong>
Cats very quickly learn to shake paw. Sit with your pet. Take front paw in hand, saying, "give paw". If the cat is not pulling the limb, praise her, Pat on the head, give it a treat.
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Teaching the cat to different commands, stay calm. Act with kindness, to use force in any case is not necessary. Cats are very willful animals and in response to rudeness can scratch, bite, and, of course, refuses to fulfill any of your requests. It is better to go to the trick. Teach the cat rooms before Breakfast, lunch or dinner, when the pet gets hungry. Then, to earn a long-awaited treat, the cat will do all your team.
как научить кота командам