To implement text wrap in Word should be allocated in the program drawing the graphic object around which you want to perform this operation. If this object is on the canvas, select the entire canvas. You will then need to click the tab "Format", which in Word 2007 is in the group "Arrange". On the tab, click "Position" and then choose the option text wrap of the proposed methods.
If you need to make wrapping text around tables in Word 2007 you will need to select a table and then go into "Tools" table, click the Layout tab. Then select the "Properties" command in the "table" that will lead to the conclusion several variants of the flow of the text. Of these methods, you need to select "Around". To make additional changes in the location of the table relative to the text using the buttons "Accommodation" in the "text Wrapping". This function is necessary when you want to change the distance between the outer borders of the table and the text.
Operation text wrap in Word 2010 is implemented through the allocation of the pattern of the graphic object in the document, select tools contextual tab, which may vary depending on the inserted object. So, for photos go to the tab "picture tools" and shapes "drawing Tools". On the selected tab should go to the group "Arrange", choose "Wrap text". You can then choose a specific method of flow depending on the needs of the user.
If the user wants to insert a picture in a specific location of an existing text flow, then the corresponding operation in Word 2010 is performed through the allocation of the image in the document and repeat the steps above. At the final stage in the group "Organize" click "Position", then the program will prompt you to select the location to which you want the picture. Note that the option "text" will not allow you to do a full wrap, as in this case, the image is automatically positioned in the middle of the text located above and below the inserted object. That is why the text wraps around the picture, you should select other items from the proposed programme list.