To choose the text direction, you must first create the form (figure) in which the text will be typed. Open the document go to the Insert tab. In the section "Text" click on "Inscription". In the drop-down menu, select "Draw" inscription. The cursor should then change to sign "".
Install the mouse cursor in the place where will be located the upper left edge of the shape, hold down the left mouse button, draw border, which would be your text. When the form is ready, double-click on any blank area of the document you will return to text entry mode.
Enter in the newly created shape with the text or paste a fragment from clipboard. When the cursor is in the field becomes available, an additional tab "Working with labels" - click on it with the left mouse button or the Format tab, located directly under the tab "Work with words".
In the section "Text" click on the "text Direction" - the text will be rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Subsequent pressing of the button will rotate the text by 180 degrees from the original position (or 90 degrees from the existing). Place the text at its discretion.
Remove the border of the form. On the tab "Working with labels" under "label Styles" and click "shape Outline". In the drop-down menu, click "No contour" - the boundary of a shape will be invisible. Under "Organize" select the desired wrapping around shape text.
The usual editing options are still available from the tab "Home" - select the appropriate style, font size, set the desired text alignment. To resize the shape, hover over the icon in the form of a circle or a square frame shape and wait until the cursor changes to a double arrow. Hold down the left mouse button, adjust the length and width of the figure.