Advice 1: How to insert a picture on the side of the text

Usually when you insert an image into a text document or a hypertext document, format text around images "depart" from the lower right edge moves one line, and all the remaining space to the height of the picture remains blank. This comes from the fact that the image does not set the alignment. To change the situation easily and in a text editor and the html editor code.
How to insert a picture on the side of the text
Start Microsoft Word and load the desired text, if you adjust the position of the picture should be in the document in this format. If the image is not yet inserted into the text, set the input cursor to the desired position and click on the "Insert" menu of the text editor. In the group of commands "Illustrations" placed the icon "picture" - click it, then in the opened window, locate the image and click "Paste".
Click the picture in the text document, right-click and from the context menu, expand the "text Wrapping" (you can do this by pressing "M"). Some are placed in this section of the alignment options allow you to put a picture in the desired position. By hovering over each menu bar, you will see how it will change the image position in the text if you select this option. Click, for example, the string "loop".
Drag and drop the picture to the left or right edge of the page and the operation to be completed. Save the document.
If you need to insert a picture into your html document, then ask wrap its text, for example, by using the align attribute of the img tag. With just enough to display pictures set of attributes, this tag can be written as:

<img src="image.png" />

Here in a single src attribute indicates the name of the file containing the image (image.png). To set the wrap image text on the right, add the align attribute with a value of left:

<img src="image.png" align="left" />

If you want the text wrap the image to the left, the value of left, replace on right.
If you have the ability to use the editor html pages, which provides the visual mode, you should edit the code to add the tags needed attributes is not required. In this case, you can click the picture and then click insert image on the toolbar with the control buttons of the editor. In the opened window should be a drop down list with options for centering images - select the desired line (left or right), and then save the edited page.

Advice 2: How to edit a picture in Word

Text editor MS Word allows you to not only insert images into the document, but also to change them. Of course, the editing capabilities are very limited, nevertheless, you can use them to make illustrations more expressive.


How to move the picture

Double-click the mouse outside the picture and then left-click on the image. The cursor changes to a crossed right-angle arrows. Hold the left mouse button and drag the pattern to another location. To rotate the image, hold down the mouse the green marker on the top border and drag left or right of the figure will rotate around the vertical axis.

How to resize pictures

To resize the picture without distorting its shape, hover the cursor over the marker size in one of the corners, hold down the mouse and drag to the center of the drawing or from the center. If you want to change the vertical or horizontal size of the image, pull the marker at the middle of one of the parties. If you use the center handles while holding the Shift key, the image dimensions will change proportionally, as when using the corner handles.

How to crop a picture

Sometimes you need to trim off the excess parts of the image. Click on the picture, right-click and choose the command "Show settings pane". Click the icon "Crop", hover over one of the cropping handles, hold down the mouse and drag. The cut line will be where you stop the cursor.

How to edit color

You can make the image black and white as a poster, or turn it into a black and white photo. On the settings panel click the Menu icon Image" and select from the context menu. To add to the image more sharpness or, conversely, to dilute it, use the button "Increase contrast" or "Decrease contrast".

The image can be made lighter or darker by using the buttons "Increase brightness" or "Reduce brightness".

Picture and text

You can vary the placing of the picture test. In the settings panel, click "Menu "Wrap text" and select the appropriate option. In addition, part of the image with the button "Set transparent color" can be made invisible, so that through her will Shine through the letters. Click the first button and then the image element. All pixels of this color in the picture becomes transparent.

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