Find out why epilepsyallegra note that there are two varieties of epileptic seizures. Epilepsy can be primary or secondary. Primary (idiopathic) epilepsy is usually due to genetic changes in the body of a cat. Secondary (symptomatic) is usually a symptom of other diseases present in the animal. Secondary epilepsy can result from a traumatic brain injury.
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To identify the causes of epileptic seizures is necessary to address in veterinary clinic and be tested and pass special tests. In identifying symptomatic epilepsy it is necessary to spend treatment of the underlying disease. After that the seizures should stop. When the diagnosis of "idiopathic epilepsy" animal requires special care and constant supervision.
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If seizures happen with a pet often enough to start treatment. Treatment of epilepsy is the use of a special anticonvulsant medications as well as vitamins and minerals to improve cerebral circulation. Note that doses should be individualized on the basis of the test results and considering the General state of the animal. To treatment needs of the veterinary doctor of the corresponding specialization. You should know that anticonvulsive drugs should be taken strictly according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. Violations of the schema of the medication could trigger a new, more severe seizure.
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Carefully watch the animal. At the approach of an attack will place the cat in a darkened warm room. If possible, put the big pillows. You should not forcibly to unclench the jaws of a cat during a seizure, if she's not choking.
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Get a special notebook and regularly write down all the information about the seizures -- the date, time, duration, condition of the animal. Annually conduct a full examination of the animal.
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Try to feed your cat special food designed for animals with similar disease. Try to protect your cat from stress. Proper care can reduce the duration of the seizures and reduce their frequency.