Email in its effect like a normal. You can also write a letter, only instead of paper and pens use the keyboard. And the envelope and the mailbox replaces the "Send" button.

All emails are stored on the server, sorted in folders "Incoming", "Outgoing", "Spam". They do not affect the memory have a home computer. Depending on where was the mailbox, the letters are given from five to ten megabytes.

How to make email Inbox

First we need to define a user which server you want to become. Most popular mail servers of Yandex.Mail,, Clicking on the selected site button to create a mailbox, you can proceed with the registration.

The email address consists of a name (login) of the user and the server address (domain), which are connected by the @ sign, popularly called "dog".

Coming up with a login, are looking for originality, writing complex words. The email address should be easy to remember and pronounce, because you have to disclose it to others. The simplest option is the combination of name and surname of the person mailing. If the address is busy, it is possible to add numbers.

Thinking about a username, keep in mind that this box will be used not only for communication with friends. For example, when mailing resume to a major company return address with the name "sweetie" or "doll" will look absurd and ridiculous. Consider your age, ' "type машенька1964" look serious.

After the mail address is selected and the box is registered, you can send and receive letters. In the welcome email from the technical support of the selected server, you will receive instructions and tips for working with mail.

The benefits of email

Emails are delivered instantly. Even photos of large sizes will be shipped in a matter of minutes.

Email has a high reliability of delivery. In very rare cases, the message does not reach the addressee. But this problem is easily solved by repeated letter.

The same message can be sent to multiple people at once, without retyping it. This is very convenient if you want to notify someone about the meeting, plans or important information.

E-mail you can send not only text but also graphics, tables, scanned documents, photos, videos – anything.