The most popular mail service in the world – Yahoo! Google Mail (Gmail), AOL Mail, MSN Hotmail; Russia – Rambler, Yandex.Mail and Check-in mail services absolutely free, except for special services with preferred options and various corporate clients.
Usually check the mailbox takes less than five minutes. On all stages of registration are similar, the only difference is the interface and some of the details. Consider a specific example of the registration in the international e-mail service Google Mail and Russian Yandex.Mail.
Google Mail:
Go to the website Right on the screen you will see a button "Create account" - click it.
In the form of e-mail include your details: name, surname, desired username. The username will be the first part of your email address – After that make your password longer than 8 characters, and confirm it.
Next you need to enter information, such as secret question and answer, set the master page settings, select a location and enter the verification code from the picture. After completing all steps, click "I accept the terms. Create my account" at the bottom of the screen. Inbox is created.
Go to the website The center of the screen, just below login form in the mail, you will see a blue link "Create mail on Yandex". Click on it.
On the new page enter your name, surname and desired username, which will become part of your e-mail. After Yandex will check the login on the possibility of choice, click "next".
On the next page, create a password and enter it in the password field and confirm the password in the next field. Select a security question and enter the answer. Optionally, mail can be linked to another e-mail and phone number.
Enter the captcha, check the box next to "I accept the terms of the User agreement and click "Register" at the bottom of the screen. Congratulations, your post on Yandex created.