Advice 1: What can I do for colleagues at work birthday

Work is for many a small life. Over time, people become almost family in the office. Therefore, to celebrate his birthday in the circle of colleagues is a common tradition. Many are scratching their heads what to cook on the table. There are a few simple recipes and useful recommendations on this case.
What can I do for colleagues at work birthday


Recipes for snacks that can treat colleagues at work, huge lot. They are quick to prepare, and are perfect for a buffet table. For example, as snacks are served salty crackers. On top they are coated with cheese and garlic mass. For its preparation you need to mix 50 g of grated hard cheese varieties 1 garlic clove and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
Decorate the crackers with olive or half a walnut.

Also as an appetizer you can prepare a loaf of pita. For this you will need: 2 boiled eggs, 50 g of firm cheese, 100 g salted salmon, mayonnaise, 100 g of greens (dill, parsley). Pita to deploy on the table and cover with mayonnaise. Top rubbed eggs, cheese. Add the chopped salmon, parsley. The pita gently rolled into a roll and heated in the microwave for 5-7 minutes. This is enough time to make the cheese a little melted. Slice the loaf before serving. So it is very convenient to transport to the place of celebration.

As a snack you can prepare simple salads. For example, by mixing finely chopped cabbage and boiled chicken. To fill this salad with mayonnaise is recommended.

At least the original appetizer recipe – stuffed drying. For their preparation you will need the following ingredients: cheese, mayonnaise, minced meat, vegetable oil, milk, drying. Conventional drying soaked in milk until they are soft and large. After that, they carefully passed on pre-oiled baking sheet. Within each hole drying applied a small amount of meat. Within 10-15 minutes of drying are baked at a temperature of 180oC. Thereafter, the resulting stuffed pastry coated with a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. 7-10 minutes in the oven at the same temperature, and the food is ready.

Useful tips

If you have no time and desire to mess the house with snacks for the festive table, and finances allow you to buy ready-made products, follow these tips. In any supermarket you can buy the tarts. In the same shop there and the Department prepared a variety of salads.
Already at work put a treat on the tartlets, and the food is ready.

No less popular today service meal delivery to the office. Here at invent anything not necessary. Just decide what will be on your Desk. It could be rolls, salads, pizza, and hot meals. It all depends on your imagination and financial possibilities. Your order will be delivered at a convenient time and place. A birthday is likely to offer a decent discount.

Advice 2: Than to treat a colleague

If you have a birthday, the wedding, the child was born, then colleagues will want to present a gift. In response, set the table and treat them with delicious dishes. You can cook them in haste right in the office or brought from home.
Than to treat a colleague
If the workplace is not possible to make from brought ingredients, then cook them at home. You can treat a colleague with a meat, berry or fruit pies, cake "Napoleon". All this you will quickly make at home from ready-made frozen puff pastry.
Thaw 2 packages, then expand the dough. It lies in the shape of a rectangle. Slightly roll it to each layer cut in half and it would have happened in each pack for 2 square. Prick them with a fork in two or three places, put on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven which is already preheated to 180oC. Here they will be baked on low heat until Golden brown.
At this time, prepare cream. His recipe is very simple. First take 300 grams of butter from the fridge to lie down for it in a bowl on the table and bought a kitchen temperature. Now pour in a can of condensed milk and carefully whisk in the cream. If you have 100 grams of nuts, then grind them in a coffee grinder or food processor and add the cream.
When the dough has finished baking and completely cooled, take a plate of suitable diameter, cut out 4 rounds. On each spread a layer of cream and assemble the pie top. The remaining part of the baked cakes, chop them and garnish the top and sides of cake.
For cooking pies roll out not thin layer of puff pastry, cut it into small squares. Put sliced apples, nectarines or cherries, pitted, sprinkle half a teaspoon of sugar and roll each Patty in the shape of a triangle. For another piece of puff pastry, prepare the filling of boiled meat and fried onions. Grease pies egg and bake until Browning.
Pie for colleagues
Nafarshiruyte chicken boiled steamed rice and bake it in the oven in the roaster. 15 minutes before end of cooking grease with mayonnaise and depakite no longer under cover. Cut-out paper curlers and put on chicken feet. Two or three salads, juices, meat and fish cutting, and was smart Desk for colleagues.
If you have the opportunity to intercede, mixing brought from home products, treat colleagues tartlets. Buy ready-made tartlets and nafarshiruyte any salad, cooked at home or in the office. You can put in each caviar, and decorate the top with rosettes of frozen butter. To do this, remove a narrow strip, which itself is wrapped in a spiral.
If you bought a salmon, cut into thin strips 200 grams – this is decoration. Chop 3 boiled eggs and 12 crab sticks, add mayonnaise and mix ingredients. Stuff that salad 30 tartlets and garnish with strips of salmon, laid out in the shape of a flower.
You can treat your colleagues with rolls of pita, but for a long time can not be stored as flour-based because moisture eventually fall apart. So cook them just before dinner. Canapés with cheese, ham and cucumber is also helpful.
You can order or make at home sushi rolls and bring them to work. In summer, try to surprise your colleagues with a basket carved from a watermelon into which you put fresh berries and fruit pieces.
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