Advice 1: What can I do for colleagues at work birthday

Work is for many a small life. Over time, people become almost family in the office. Therefore, to celebrate his birthday in the circle of colleagues is a common tradition. Many are scratching their heads what to cook on the table. There are a few simple recipes and useful recommendations on this case.
What can I do for colleagues at work birthday


Recipes for snacks that can treat colleagues at work, huge lot. They are quick to prepare, and are perfect for a buffet table. For example, as snacks are served salty crackers. On top they are coated with cheese and garlic mass. For its preparation you need to mix 50 g of grated hard cheese varieties 1 garlic clove and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
Decorate the crackers with olive or half a walnut.

Also as an appetizer you can prepare a loaf of pita. For this you will need: 2 boiled eggs, 50 g of firm cheese, 100 g salted salmon, mayonnaise, 100 g of greens (dill, parsley). Pita to deploy on the table and cover with mayonnaise. Top rubbed eggs, cheese. Add the chopped salmon, parsley. The pita gently rolled into a roll and heated in the microwave for 5-7 minutes. This is enough time to make the cheese a little melted. Slice the loaf before serving. So it is very convenient to transport to the place of celebration.

As a snack you can prepare simple salads. For example, by mixing finely chopped cabbage and boiled chicken. To fill this salad with mayonnaise is recommended.

At least the original appetizer recipe – stuffed drying. For their preparation you will need the following ingredients: cheese, mayonnaise, minced meat, vegetable oil, milk, drying. Conventional drying soaked in milk until they are soft and large. After that, they carefully passed on pre-oiled baking sheet. Within each hole drying applied a small amount of meat. Within 10-15 minutes of drying are baked at a temperature of 180oC. Thereafter, the resulting stuffed pastry coated with a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. 7-10 minutes in the oven at the same temperature, and the food is ready.

Useful tips

If you have no time and desire to mess the house with snacks for the festive table, and finances allow you to buy ready-made products, follow these tips. In any supermarket you can buy the tarts. In the same shop there and the Department prepared a variety of salads.
Already at work put a treat on the tartlets, and the food is ready.

No less popular today service meal delivery to the office. Here at invent anything not necessary. Just decide what will be on your Desk. It could be rolls, salads, pizza, and hot meals. It all depends on your imagination and financial possibilities. Your order will be delivered at a convenient time and place. A birthday is likely to offer a decent discount.

Advice 2 : How fun to celebrate a birthday

The most important holiday is not public: to celebrate, we have to either wait for the weekend, either request the day off. This is the day of birth. Starting a new year of their own life, we re-live all the past events, evaluate errors, and make a wish for the future: we want to fix, what to accomplish where to go. Special touch to the festival will set the original situation, if you take care of the event in advance.
How fun to celebrate a birthday
Prepare the guest list. It should not be large, you do not have to invite all relatives to the seventh generation, an entire Department or the whole neighborhood. Let it be the closest and dearest people you want to see.
Evaluate your financial situation. Well, if you can book a room in the restaurant and live music with the show, but with a small amount of money it is better not to venture.
Select the place. It could be your own apartment, house to one of your friends, the restaurant or the edge of the forest. Rate the technical capabilities of the room (or place): is there electricity, can I light an open fire, how to seat guests.
As show programs agree either with professional actors or with friends-invite. Surely some of them dancing, a magic show, singing, playing.
Treats and drinks can also be elements. Order or make yourself a meal in the shapes of different objects: flowers, ships, animals. This is especially true for confectionery.
Make a list of contests that your guests will want to participate. It is desirable to choose them in such a way that each won at least once. In the team competition, look for tasks in which the final result will be a draw. Distribute contests, depending on the condition and mood of the guests: outdoor games set in the beginning when there is still power to run, and the calm towards the end, when guests are tired and relax.
So I want to help these people to diversify and to give a chance to such people to spend their holiday unforgettable and interesting. How fun to celebrate a birthday that was unusual, original and fun? – To celebrate your birthday properly and, accordingly, the company and the place. Have a good time, you can not only in the circle of his friends, but in the circle of the closest relatives and beloved people.
Useful advice
It will be especially interesting to them to participate in scenes with their favorite animals. If you have pre-thought theme, it will be easier to prepare everything else – room decoration, props, menus, etc. for example, If your child loves Winnie the Pooh, would be appropriate bulbs or dishes with his image. There are whole sets with fantastic characters. But that's not all. Make your theme was complete and better perceived by the child, needed someone who could spend a birthday, according to the chosen topic.

Advice 3 : How to celebrate the birthday of the company

Day of birth of the company - the time to sum up and announce progress. The event dedicated to the celebration of the birth of the company, will be able to strengthen the position of the company in the eyes of colleagues, partners and competitors and will demonstrate the sustainability and success of the business customers. In addition, the event in honor of the birth of the company, will be a good team-building factor for staff.
How to celebrate the birthday of the company
The event in honor of the birth of the company a lot of painstaking work. Start to develop the idea and concept of the celebration about two months before the day of the celebration. Decide on the form of festive events: banquets, presentation, picnic, conference, reception.
The shape of the event selected. You need to choose the venue of the day of birth. For a feast fit café, a restaurant, a specialized hall or canteen of the company. For the presentation choose a conference room or meeting room. If you invite large number of guests, for conferences and presentations suitable room of the cinema. Picnic perfect countryside base or a large clearing in the woods or in the pond.
The venue of the day of birth of the company, the date and time specified. It's time to send invitations according to the guest list. Invitations can be traditional on paper. You can show imagination and prepare invitations according to the chosen concept activities or areas of work of the company. For example, on the day of birth of the Bank to prompt good Bank. Glass jar, on the label which is printed the text of the prompt. The banks and within a little souvenir for the guest: jubilee coin, a ticket to an event or a chocolate souvenir.
It's time to write the scenario of the event. Along the way, enjoy a selection of artists who will serve you at the bottom of birth. You can engage a specialized Agency or the host of the event. Here are some ideas for celebrating the day of birth of the company.
Option 1 – "Expensive transfer". One of the first radio station, "Radio Mayak", there is a wonderful program – "Expensive transfer". From all over the country in the address of the transmission receives letters with a request to congratulate someone with a celebration. The programme will be devoted to the day of birth of your company. During the evening you contests, reflecting the stages of formation of the company. The concert is a gift "Dear transfer" former and current employees of the company and invited guests.
Option 2 – "Journey in history". The celebration of the birth of the company takes place on the ship. The journey will be unusual, in the history of the company. Ahead of all enjoy the island of "Honor" and the island "Achievements", the island of Dreams and island of "Talents". If you are not afraid network stranded, cast off.
The sound and music is very important. A lot of congratulatory speeches, it is necessary that all could hear the good words about the company and its employees.
Day of birth is celebrated only once a year. Below the highlights of the festival remained in memory for a long time, take care of professional photo and video.
The holiday became bright, consider decorating the venue. Fabric, flowers (artificial or real), ribbon, balloons, various shapes and designs will help to create a festive decoration.
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