Prepare a variety of snacks. Sophistication to any holiday table define exactly snacks, so birthday do not neglect them. Buy sausages, cheeses, olives, greens, vegetables and fruits. Of them can make canapés, sandwiches, salads and other favorite snacks. Don't forget the sauces – mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup. They spice up salads and put on the table filled with gravy boats. Fruits and vegetables you can just slice and put on plates, and can be mixed in salads. Fruit salad fill yogurt or whipped cream.
Take care of the hot dishes. This will include meat, poultry, and fish. Buy a little of everything, because everyone has their own preferences, and all guests are ultimately pleased. Of poultry it is better to choose the chicken or Turkey, meat – pork, but the fish buy in accordance with your capabilities. If you have the means, the best solution would be salmon or salmon, if you're bound like a conventional herring, properly cooked. Don't forget to buy spices and herbs to hot dishes.
Treat yourself and guests to a dessert. Virtually no birthday party is not complete without the sweet. A classic option would be a nice cake to order or make your own. Buy cakes and chocolates – they never hurt. If you decide to prepare the cake with your hands, don't forget to buy decorations for it. It can be chocolate icing, cream or fruit, for example strawberries. Sprinkle your dessert with grated chocolate. If you want to surprise guests – will buy ice cream. Love it almost all, so to eat dairy dessert, most likely, no one will refuse.
Don't forget about the drinks. Try to take into account all possible preferences of the guests. Buy soft drinks – juices, sodas and water. You can buy compote or juice. Take care and of alcohol. Someone who likes strong alcohol – vodka, cognac, brandy, whisky, someone that is any lighter wine, vermouth, liqueurs. Can treat guests to champagne, the more it is a traditional element of the holiday.
If among your guests will be vegetarians, buy more vegetables and fruits. Prepare mushroom dishes. The best solution would be a vegetarian pizza and various vegetable salads. If you do not want or do not know how to cook such meals, buy ready-made at local cafes or in supermarkets.