When given a sheet of temporary disability

To a hospital is possible in several cases:

1. In the event that employee's illness or injury.
2. In the case of illness of a child under the age of 15 years.
3. If necessary, care for a sick relative.
4. Sick leave is issued to the woman for pregnancy and childbirth.
5. In some cases, when complex dental treatment also the hospital give.
6. Preoperative, operative and recovery period also implies the design of an employee of a leaf of temporary disability.

The maximum duration of sick leave is determined by the extent of the disease or the nature of the injury, as well as the reasons why he was discharged to sick leave. Different doctors have limitations on the period for which they can send a man to the hospital. So, a dentist can not write a piece of temporary disability for more than 10 days, and a General practitioner may extend sick leave to 30 days.

Sick sick

In case of colds, the doctor sends the worker on sick leave for a period of 5 days. If improvement does not occur after under the supervision of a doctor of the hospital is extended up to 30 days. In more difficult cases where recovery in this period did not happen, appointed a medical Commission. On it there are chief physician, doctor and several specialists. The decision of the Commission, a sheet of temporary disability may be extended to 10 or even 12 months. The Commission continues to monitor the healing process of the sick and once a month to assess its condition.

Dentist in dental prosthetics and in some other cases, gives hospital for 5-10 days. Sometimes there are complications, so it also convened a Commission of doctors, which the General meeting decides on the term, it is necessary for the onset of improvements in the patient.

Sick leave in the case of operations

In the General case, if necessary, surgical intervention sick leave is issued for the duration of being in the hospital. The postoperative period, aimed at the recovery of the body, lasts for 10 days. While the deadline add sick days on the road from the hospital to the place of residence of the employee. This is necessary in that case, if the operation is performed from another city or country. The medical Commission may also extend the duration of sick leave for a period up to 1 year.

Sick leave to care

If the employee is needed to care for a sick adult relative, he may receive a sheet of temporary disability for up to 10 days. In the case of illness of a child under the age of 7 years, the parent may be on sick leave until recovery of Chad. If you have a sick child, whose age is 7-15 years, then sick leave is made not more than 15 days in the case of treatment at home and for the entire period of treatment in hospital.

Sick leave and maternity leave

The average duration of sick leave in this case is 140 days. The gynecologist gives the woman sick leave at 30 weeks pregnant. Once you set the duration of sick leave is 140 days at the rate of: 70 days prior to delivery and 70 postpartum. Women who are expecting two or more children at once, a sheet of temporary disability is issued for 194 days. The duration of sick leave and maternity leave is considered in each case individually. So, if you experience complications during birth duration of sick leave increases by 16 days.