Now the number of those categories of employees who are eligible for 100% payment according to the list of temporary disability will be greatly reduced. If, before January 1, 2011, we had rights of those who have worked continuously for 8 years, now the period required for this purpose seniority is 15 years. Payment of sick leave to employees whose experience is less than 8 years will be equal to 60% of average annual income from 8 to 15 years – 80%. In that case, if you have just started to work and worked less than six months, you will receive only the amount of the minimum wage, problem full calendar month.
Average income is calculated from wages received in the last 12 months. Rooting has become very profitable to those who are part of their salary gets "in envelope". In addition, under the new rules, the amount payable for sick leave, not to exceed 34500 rubles, so if your income is more, you will not get 100% compensation even if the length of your employment exceeds 15 years.
Under the old law, sick leave pay is paid at least two days, now you will need to probally at least three days to pay for your work days spent at home.
In the treatment in outpatient conditions, sick leave will give you from the day when you applied for medical assistance and close it the last day of the visit of the doctor, which will confirm that your health is restored. If you went to a health center of their organization and then came to the clinic from the health center, sick leave you receive from the date of the request to the health center.
To the sick list in "hindsight" you will succeed only by decision of a medical Commission in exceptional cases. If sick leave you have lost, you will be issued a duplicate with the signatures of the attending physician and Chairman of the medical Commission.