Of course, not always temperature during pregnancy tells about the pathologies. For example, if the thermometer does not reach 37.3, do not worry. Perhaps it is a response of the body to your baby. As soon as the body rebuilds, it will cease to bother you.

The temperature can indicate inflammatory diseases. For example, influenza, infection, pyelonephritis, herpes, tuberculosis. They are dangerous for your unborn baby. Any infection can harm the fetus. Temperature in early pregnancy is the most dangerous. In this period there is a bookmark all organs and systems, and any temperature swings or infection can disrupt this process.

After 14 weeks the temperature is not so dangerous. Because the placenta protects the baby has already been formed. With 30 weeks, the increase in body temperature above 38 degrees is threatened by placental abruption or preterm delivery.

How to deal with the temperature?

Temperature, for whatever reason, she did not rise, must be reduced. If the thermometer shows the temperature is less than 37.5, you should wait. At this point, the body itself can cope with the infection. Try not to wrap up, open the window or the window, drink plenty of fluids – fruit juices, tea, water. It is not necessary to resort to this folk medium, as rubbing with vinegar or vodka. So you will only aggravate their situation. If the body temperature rose above 38 degrees, you can take a pill of paracetamol. Before the pill still consult with your doctor.