How high temperature can affect the fetus

Hyperthermia physiological protective reaction of the organism. During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, when organs are being laid down, it can adversely affect the baby.

The degree of exposure to the fetus elevated body temperature of pregnant women is determined by three factors. It figures to which she was raised, gestational age, f also the duration of hyperthermia.

It is worth noting that fetal development is affected by temperature 38оС and above. Various defects and deviations can occur if hyperthermia is kept for at least three days.

Most critical in this respect is the period from 4 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. In the earliest period when exposed to any damaging factors, including high temperature, there is a destruction of the embryo and miscarriage. Thus the woman may not even know she was pregnant, and make the bleeding during menstruation. If the fruit is not damaged, it is developing absolutely fine.

Hyperthermia can cause a variety of malformations of the fetus. The reason for this is the disruption of protein synthesis. There may be defects of the limbs, Central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Also possible deviations in the formation of the facial skeleton, for example, cleft palate and micrognathia, or the occurrence of microphthalmia – underdevelopment of the eyeballs.

Because hyperthermia can occur blood clots, sometimes causing intrauterine fetal death or missed miscarriage. Also high temperature contributes to increased contractility of the uterine muscle, which increases the risk of miscarriage.

After 14 weeks, increased temperature does not have a detrimental effect on the fetus, because the bookmark of tissues and organs has been completed. The only thing is fraught with hyperthermia on this term – hypoxia and premature termination of pregnancy, because in this state the body's blood circulation.

What to do when the temperature increases during pregnancy

The first thing you need to see a doctor. He will examine the expectant mother that will help to determine the cause of the fever. You may need the advice of more specialists.

Under no circumstances it is impossible to self-medicate. This can cause irreparable harm to both baby and mother. To choose the right drug can only doctor. If the condition of the pregnant woman deteriorated, nausea and vomiting, pain, you must call "ambulance".