Prepare a Cup of warm water. Add a pinch of baking soda and mild soap, soak feet in the tub and relax for 10-15 minutes. Add hot water so that it was pleasing for your skin.

Poparte feet, then rinse them with warm water, Pat dry and apply a nourishing cream. Gently massage the feet. After 10 minutes remove any remaining cream with a tissue. In the water, add the mint, it will have a soothing effect on your irritated skin and relieve itching.

If you have a small light blister, then scrub away while taking a bath with a pumice stone. After they dry put them on a special adhesive. A similar procedure repeat several times until the disappearance of corn.

If you have blisters between the toes, at night anoint them with cream and sprinkle powder day. If corn is watery, powder cannot be used, wait when she heals.

There is an effective way of dealing with blisters. Mix the propolis with any grease, and apply this mixture on rubbed places. You can prepare a poultice out of bread, soaked it with 9% vinegar. Apply this poultice at night to the polished wood place, fixing it with adhesive plaster or bandage.

Foot care should be regular, do daily foot baths, they will help get rid of calluses, fatigue and improve blood circulation. And the use of nourishing creams will make the skin on my feet smooth and soft.

Apply to fresh corn plantain leaf – it has healing and antibacterial properties, or apply a cream based on it. If the blisters formed ranks, for its early use healing type ointment "Levomekol", "Solcoseryl", etc. If corn is dry – use "Calipt - patch to solve these problems.