Use all available sources of information. Man, keeping up with the times, needs to process and interpret vast amounts of information, which in the modern world is the most precious resource. Use the information to maximum benefit for yourself, be aware of the latest trends and developments.
Try to do everything. Rational use of your time, carefully separating the case of primary importance from lesser priority. Plan your day, breaking it into blocks – morning, your pre-lunch, afternoon and evening, not allowing to accumulate backlogs that can delay you on the path to success. Value every minute of your time because it is a matter of which life is woven.
Take into service a high-tech novelties. If you want to keep up with the progress, try to use all the fruits of advances in technology and particularly innovations in the area in which you work. Without cell phone it is impossible to imagine modern man, and not so long ago on mobile communications could only dream of.
Develop speed of reaction, thinking, actions, and decision-making. This will help you a psychological trainings, sports games with moving objects, running on rough terrain, the computer trainers and simulators. The need to accelerate dictate modern high-speed technology. If you will not move with flow, you will put on the side of life.
Keep a diary of self-development. It should record the direction, goals and results of the development plans, daily activities, important events, new thoughts and ideas. This diary serves as a powerful source of motivation for personal growth, with its help you will be able to perform their actions, detect errors and bring their own formula for success.
Allow yourself sometimes to slow down. To be able to keep up with the times, periodically we need to stop and give yourself a rest. Find the opportunity to be alone with yourself, your dreams, thoughts, enjoying the present moment. Periodically get out into the place where you were not. This will help the development of creative thinking and creativity.