During a long walk in shoes with heels tired leg muscles, they are asked to relax, giving you a signal about his fatigue. Often these signals can be a pain. So that the muscles are less tired, strengthen them. During the day, even sitting in the office at your Desk, periodically knead the muscles of the legs, pull the toes, rotate the foot clockwise and back. Start aerobics, or stress in the gym on the elliptical machines Steppers. In General, playing sports, even if it is a daily fifteen-minute jog in the Park, will significantly strengthen the leg muscles and walking on the heels will not be an insurmountable task.
Pay attention to your posture. Wear the shoes on heels, stand with your back to the wall, make sure that your heels, buttocks, shoulders and the head touched her. It is such a straight back and even posture should always go, especially when you're in shoes on heels. It is not only good for health but also gives you elegant look. Teach yourself to balanced posture gradually, starting with a few minutes a day and are constantly increasing this time. After a few days it will be easier to keep your back straight and in a couple of weeks you will get used to keep your back straight, and in constant self-control won't be necessary.
Choose the right shoes. The heel of the same height in question can be transported on two pairs of shoes. The shoes must be the same size. Otherwise, even in flat shoes you can hardly go longer than a couple of hours, what can we say about the shoes on the heel. It is better to buy shoes in the evening as during the day, feet are a bit swollen. And shoes that were fit in the morning, the evening can be small. If you rarely wear shoes with heels, you better stop your choice on the heel. Just stand up for ten pin you will be difficult. Be sure to walk around the store in shoes, listen carefully to their feelings, cozy, comfortable and don't chafe shoes.
Practice your gait. To look great in shoes with heels, you must be able to walk nicely. Even if the heel is very high, there should be no issue that you feel insecure. You must fly above the ground, and choosing the right shoes, a good posture and muscular legs will help you to do this even at the highest heel.