How do you think the total area

In different documents you can find different opinions about whether the area of balconies and a shared living area. This confusion is caused by the fact that the construction of apartment buildings is regulated by the current construction norms and regulations SNiP 31-01-2003 (residential buildings). This document States that the area calculation is performed according to the rules established by the regulations on conducting accounting of the housing Fund in the Russian Federation", approved by order of Minnestoa of the Russian Federation from August 4, 1998 No. 37.

According to this Instruction, in the General area of the apartment includes all its premises, including accessory and embedded, as well as loggias, balconies, verandas, terraces and cold storage, however, to count their squares entered coefficients. For the loggias ratio calculation area defined by 0.5, balconies and terraces – 0.3, and for verandahs and cold pantries to 1.0.

Still, the utility is trying to include the area of balconies in the common area of the apartment, albeit with a decreasing coefficient. But this is not consistent with the realities of the time, because with the commissioning of the new Housing code from 29.12.2004 N 188-FZ (ed. from 28.12.2013) calculation of the total area should be carried out according to the rules established by this normative act, in priority before any building codes and regulations.

What is included in the total living area according to the law

The Housing code clearly States that the total area included all parts of the premises, except for balconies, loggias, verandas and terraces. However, when the apartment was done remodeling, and the balcony became part of the dwelling heated space that is possible for the apartments located on last floors, the area of the former balcony should be included in the total area of the apartment.

This is due to the "Rules of granting of utilities to citizens". They say that the fee for heating is charged according to the total area of the premises, excluding unheated areas: cold loggias, balconies, storerooms, etc. When the balcony became heated in the result of officially sanctioned and legalized redevelopment, be prepared for the fact that the total area of your apartment will increase, and pay for it you will be more.

All of the above also applies to the loggias, if they were glazed and they were mounted Central heating radiators.