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  • - a dream that had a airport.
Before you know what was a dream airport, you should remember a few General rules for the interpretation of dreams. The degree of prophecy on numerous observations depends on the lunar calendar and days of the week. For example, there is a sign that the dream which came from Thursday to Friday, will definitely come true. Also sleep needs to be bright, clear vision. After waking up we recommend that you record the most memorable details for a full explanation of sleep.
Dreams about the airport can be interpreted in different ways. The significance of its location, the reason for your being in it, the people around them. Airport, inside which you wander, explained how the need for the help of influential figures. If you are going through the airport on a long journey or came back from vacation, it is interpreted as the occurrence of difficulties waiting for you in achieving your goals.
The loss in the airport dream books interpret as a good sign that soon you will receive unexpected help. Meeting or appointment inside the airport suggests that you will not have time to get things to the right time. If in the dream, felt the excitement associated with the future flight, it is explained how the imminent rapture of love Affairs or of passionate feelings.
Waiting someone at the airport means that you will soon receive a letter or news from distant relatives or friends. Observation planes that take off or sitting in the airport, is interpreted as excessive candor and credulity on your part.
The dream about the airport for the young girls heralds a new acquaintance that may turn into a great love. For finding love — the imminent change in my life. If you dream of an empty airport with no people and aircraft, you should be wary of the lack of funds in the future or loss of property.
If you are in reality going to fly on an airplane, and in the dream I saw the airport, burning with fire or something, you should think whether to fly or to go by train.
Airport dream with unrealized plans and dreams. Maybe you work a lot and forgot about the rest, and the body asks for rest and relaxation? After all, dreams are a reflection of reality, including the present.
Also dream airport could Herald the imminent trip, meeting or other events. Airport is a place where people fly to other cities or countries. Had to tell you about the upcoming journey and has no more any sense.