Make the payment through Bank. To do this, open an account in one of financial institutions. Come back with your passport and the necessary amount of money. Tell the teller the account number to which you want to transfer money, as well as the name and the recipient's name, Bank name and SWIFT special code used by banks for international money transactions. Receive the receipt about the transfer of money and save it up as long as your recipient will not receive a payment to your account.
Please note that own account in Kazakhstan you will be able to transfer money only upon presentation of a certificate from tax inspection. But this practice does not apply to your relatives. He can transfer money to your account without any additional documents. Bank transfer to Kazakhstan will take two to three business days.
If your recipient has no Bank account, send him the cash by using one of the systems of remittances. Service of Western Union is most widespread both in Russia and in Kazakhstan, but the cost of sending money with it is quite high - not less than ten dollars for a minimal amount. Other operators, such as, Contact or Migom, have fewer centres of issue and payment, but such transfers are cheaper.
Come to the Bank or mail where your chosen money transfer service. Tell the operator the full name of the recipient, country and city where he lives. Enter the transfer amount and Commission. You can make money in rubles or in another currency, and in Kazakhstan, the recipient will be able to get them in tenge. Get a receipt that will contain a verification code. Will notify the recipient of money and the exact amount of remittances in local currency. Then after one hour after sending the money he will be able to get them on the territory of Kazakhstan, passport and code.