Fill up the electronic account in various ways. One of them - with the help of payment terminals. To do this you need on the terminal screen, select "Replenishment of accounts of Yandex-purse." Further, in the field provided, enter the number of your account in the system, after enter the amount to transfer. Download money and click "Confirm". In response, the terminal will give you a receipt confirming the operation.
To transfer money on Yandex purse can be in the several offices of the companies-sellers of cell phones and accessories, such as "Euroset", "Svyaznoy", etc. to Make a translation you can through this specialist outlets. To do this you need to call your wallet number and the amount to transfer. Give me the money, and all you need account credited.
Fill up your email account, you can and through banks. System Yandex works with almost all major financial institutions. The enumeration in the branch of the Bank you can do both in cash and cashless payments. You also only need the account number and transfer amount. Tellers will do everything for you.
Use the online banking. If your Bank provides an opportunity of virtual payment services, carry out translation using this service. To log in to personal account systems Internet banking usually requires a password and username of the person who owns the account. After you select the appropriate section relating to the transfer of electronic currency. Enter the account number that will transfer the finances, and the amount. Confirm your consent with the operation. Check can print yourself. But this is not required, as confirmation of the operation to transfer funds you will receive an SMS.
Can transfer money from one payment system, for example, to another Webmoney purse Yandex.Money. For this you need the first payment system, select "Transfer money from account to account" and indicate the proposed fields of the account number of the recipient. Enter the amount to debit and confirm the transaction. The money will be transferred almost instantly.