You will need
  • - sketches;
  • - start-up capital;
  • fabric;
  • - production;
  • services of the designer.
Engage in detailed market research and the parallel formation of the concept of their brand. You must be clear that for whom you are going to do. Find the distinctive features of your future of the brand that distinguish it from existing on the market. Remember that to impress the buyer today is extremely difficult, so the more sound and solid will be your strategy, the more successful will be the whole project.
Create sketches of your future collection. Try to relate your creative imagination with practicality. Part of the collection should be left in the sketches, if you will come to the conclusion that in real life such things would be unacceptable to most customers.
For the technical part of the production of the collection is responsible, foremost, a designer. This specialist creates patterns for sewing, will determine the number and optimal fabric consumption. From works depends on the quality of cut and many other details of production that will ultimately create the image of the entire collection.
Decide where your collection of clothes will otsypatsya. As is known, Russia is far from the cheapest production. However, you have the chance to find a cheap factory in a small town that can provide you a decent quality and timelines at reasonable price. Finding the place of production need to be addressed before the design of the collection.
In parallel with the design, begin purchasing materials and fittings. Today in the production of interesting and inexpensive fabrics are leading Asian and Eastern European countries. Manufacturers you can find on the Internet or at various exhibitions. Remember that the fabric manufacturer will take time, so must be ordered in advance.
Think of a strategy to promote your brand. More than half of the success depends on proper promotion. If the budget allows, consult a professional. Try to find a balance between investment in marketing and planned profit.