Today on the market of products of mass consumption you can find a lot of instant noodles, broths, purees, business Lunches various companies and squads. They say that demand creates supply. This is what caused such an abundance of instant products. The main advantage of such products, according to manufacturers, is the maximum time in order to cook your noodles or mashed potatoes in a bag or a jar, to pour the contents with boiling water and let infuse for 3-7 minutes. Benefit and saturation at the minimum amount of time such products or is it a myth? What is the calorie content of the noodles can I use on a daily basis?

Time-saving or harm

In fact, people who want to save time on meals and buying instant noodles, causing great damage to their health. Scientists have proved that most of the ingredients of noodles is a variety of chemical additives, flavor enhancers, flavors, etc. In this kind of noodles can you find a third of the elements of the periodic table. It should also be noted that with constant use of this product problems with digestion and becomes sensitive teeth. People who adhere to a healthy diet, watching their health, try not to eat instant noodles.

As far as high-calorie instant noodles

The average caloric value of 100 grams of instant noodles is made 350-370 kcal. In fact, it is a third/quarter of the daily calorie intake for an adult.

And is it worth buying?

"No!" this was the answer people would leading a healthy lifestyle. If we take into account not only health effects but also the degree of saturation, the kind of noodles to use simply unprofitable. For example, 6-8 medium apples will provide your body with the same amount of calories, but you will be able to eat and 4 apples. If you eat 100 grams of noodles (one package), then you after a short period of time you want to eat.

It is best to prepare in the evening a lunch, taking it with you to work, than to make such noodles. You will not only make your diet varied, but will be able to lose a few extra pounds.