A wide range of cereal with fruit, berry supplements, nuts and greens allows to satisfy the desires of any consumer. On the shelves you can see both savoury and sweet options, these cereals seem to be the optimal Breakfast in the conditions of chronic lack of time. To feast on the contents of the bright box or bag, pour enough mixture of boiling water and leave it to infuse for a few minutes.

Production of quick-cooking oatmeal

Quick-cooking cereals are made by extrusion technology, which is used for drying wafers. Treatment involves the use of high temperatures and pressure. This method allows to reduce the amount of moisture in the raw material, so the porridge can be stored for a long time.
The most safe for health hot cereal, on the package indicated that the product can be used for baby food.

Heat treatment, although it takes a minimum of time, in the production of porridges of instant preparation destroys most of the vitamins contained in the ingredients. Therefore, the use of product will bring a minimum if you bring in at all.

Artificial enrichment with vitamins kas allows to partially compensate for the loss of beneficial effects on human health of substances. The advantage of such cereals is the preservation of some trace elements during thermal processing – zinc, phosphorus, magnesium. Not to say that dry pieces of vegetables and fruit that are included with cereals, harmful. They are produced by the technology of sublimation, i.e., freeze by evaporation of the liquid.

For making "quick" cereals in the course is not the whole grain of buckwheat, millet or rice, and cereals. That is, milled and polished grain. Valuable substances in grain is contained in its shell, which is removed in the manufacture of flakes.

The harm and benefit of porridges of instant preparation

The "fast" porridge that the product was mouth-watering and delicious, the producers generously complement the flavors, flavor enhancers, sugar and other components that affect the quality of the product. Also, the cereals, which need only pour boiling water, contains a lot of starch. It is quickly digested and converted into sugar that can cause the formation of excess weight, diabetes. So hot cereal is often impossible. And, moreover, they replace a complete meal.
Hot cereal is not recommended to eat for people with diseases of the digestive system, diabetics and those who are on a diet.

And yet, much more use to the body you bring, cook regular oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with milk or water. To enrich the dish in valuable substances, add a serving of seasonal fruit, vegetables or honey and berries. In the absence of such, you can replace them with frozen raspberries, currants and other gifts of nature.