A wedding is a joyous and beautiful event. Many girls after marriage all my life to have things that remind them of this happy day. Unfortunately, in our time, divorce has ceased to be a rarity. For some reason the marriage does not add up, the family is no family at all, and those that swore each other eternal love, put their signatures on the divorce papers. So carefully stored after the wedding dress and veil cause is not pleasant memories, and engagement ring is retracted away from the eyes. All those things become unnecessary. They take up space but no longer carry the positive semantic load for which it was stored. Of course, you can just throw away everything, but there are ways to get rid of these things with the benefit for themselves.

Get benefit

The easiest and emotionally detached way to get rid of wedding attributes. If the veil and dress in good condition, without damage, you can sell them online on any popular trading site, for example, Аvito. Also you can try to take them to a hire shop wedding dresses. They regularly update the range, because the dress after a few weddings losing attractive, and it happens that they just do not return back to the car. With the ring, the situation is even simpler, it can be taken at any local pawn shop. If you do not go into the superstitions and folk customs, that's all. The proceeds from the sale of the money arrange a party with her friends, to bid farewell to the failed marriage. This will help you easier to go through an unpleasant period in my life. Or just spend them on your needs, may they be of benefit to you, at least at this time.

Rite on happiness in your personal life

In order to get rid of memories about the past marriage with benefits for the future, there are many different rites. One of them is cleaning the house. To start will need to put in order the gown and veil, wash them carefully and check that they are not left with nothing from you: confused veil of hair, brooches or pins from the evil eye. All of this should be removed. After this is all sold together with the ring. The money to buy everything to clean a house: mops, brushes, rags. Need to buy on the market, overpaying, not taking the change. You would pay more than for a failed marriage. Then it is necessary to arrange General cleaning in your home, clean up and sweep these brushes and mops, then throw them. So you clean your house from the past, to open doors to the future.


This method is suitable for those who have completed a wedding ceremony. Wedding dress and ring bear within themselves a strong power, but if it's wedding stuff, then their energy is a hundred times stronger. Not every couple is the couple is crowned in the Church. If you have decided to take this step, and subsequently divorced, you are unlikely to just sell your wedding dress. The decision in this case is very simple – to sacrifice everything you have left from the wedding, the Church. Rings, candles, icons, towels – all of this you can just take it to Church, and dress with a veil to sell and donate the proceeds for their money.

Whatever way of getting rid of wedding things you choose, believe that it's for the best, and boldly look to the future.