What should be the ideal engagement rings

It is advisable to choose a sleek, classic wedding rings, then and the future family life is going to be easy and smooth. In recent years, in Vogue artsy wedding rings with rings and stones and intricate design. Such rings are more like simple jewelry. They can become symbols of family life and to fully absorb the energy of the owner.

Some families have a tradition to pass the wedding rings by inheritance or to transform them from old jewelry. Gold is a powerful conductor of energy and able to store energy. If the wedding ring is to use someone else, you can inadvertently be projected on the fate of the man who owned it previously. The exception is rings, previously owned by people who have celebrated silver and Golden wedding better. Such jewelry can be a trusted talisman, guardian energy kind. Best place to buy an engagement ring in a jewelry store.

You cannot marry a widow's ring. If a woman lost her husband, she should keep the engagement ring, only wear it should not on his right and on his left hand.

The widow must not transfer your engagement ring by inheritance or give to any of their relatives. To wear such a ring impossible. It generated negative energy and you can repeat the unhappy family life of their ancestors.

The same can be said about engagement rings divorced people. These decorations carry the negative charge and in any case shall not again participate in the wedding ritual.

What not to do with wedding rings

Wedding rings can not give anyone to measure, either before or after the wedding. Such a reckless act, you can give your family the happiness of another person. There is even a magical ritual to help get rid of bad luck in personal life: you have to wear on the ring finger of a woman who is happily married, and to take her part of fortune, giving his loneliness.

After the couple exchanged wedding rings, they no means impossible to take in hands an empty box or a special saucer on which lay the ring. Box the best gift for any single friend or single girlfriend for happiness.

If during the marriage the wedding ring fell, then this sign means a quick separation. In order to neutralize the negative impact, it is necessary to pass through a fallen ring thread, which is in advance you need to prepare any of the witnesses of the wedding. The thread will take care of bad omens. After the registration thread should be burned. Burns her from the newlyweds, who dropped the wedding ring during the ceremony.

Lost engagement ring signifies trouble in the family, imminent breakup and health problems. This is a very bad sign.

How to charge a wedding ring of positive energy

It is customary that both engagement rings bought with the groom. It is desirable that both rings were purchased at the same time. This is a good sign and promises a long and happy family life.

Wedding day do not need to wear other rings. It is also impossible to wear a wedding ring for a gloved hand. The glove must be removed.