A tie is not just a piece of material is a form of expression of the representatives of the stronger sex. That is why his choice should be approached thoroughly and slowly.


First, you need to determine the fabric from which is made a tie. If the budget allows, this aspect should pay serious attention. Cloth of which make the tie is wool, silk, cashmere and cotton. The most expensive and considered high-quality wool and silk with an uneven back seam.


Adult standard length of the tie from 125 to 155 cm, depending on body proportions. This is usually the distance from the projection of the larynx to the middle of the knee. If the torso is much longer than from waist to knees, better choose elongated. In any case, the knotted tip of the tie should touch the belt buckle.


Depends on the trends in fashion, the desired node and the selected shirt with a suit. It should not exceed the width of the lapel. For business style suitable width is from 7 to 9 cm. This is a classic version. But for holiday and evening events, it is better to wear an elegant, refined such as Pei, Ascot or plastron. For fitted shirts it is better to choose a narrower bow tie. When choosing you need to consider the height and body type. High - preferably a wide plain. Average – it is better to use narrow. Short men – medium width.


Business style is not allowed bright colors, plaid, stripes or peas. Mainly the color and pattern matched the shirt and jacket. If you want to emphasize eye color, choose a tie to match or approximate the palette. The pattern is selected in accordance with the figure. Thin with horizontal stripes. Slender – solid and with narrow vertical patterns. Full – wide vertical stripes or geometric figures.

When choosing a tie, we must not forget about the jewelry: pins, crooked pins, clips and rings.