Why do people grow or stop doing it

Children born to tall parents, often grow tall subject of proper nutrition. In addition, in the body of every human nature provides a program of growth. If a person grows up is quite low, so this program was not made by the body in full. Its failure can affect the slightest change in DNA, bad ecology, poor nutrition, congenital malformations and hormones.

Failures in the program growth can cause not only the underdevelopment of some people, conversely, grow to the level of more than 2 meters.

The most intensive growth is noted during pregnancy, so any damage to the placenta may lead to malnutrition of the fetus and the birth of a child with low body weight and lack of growth. In the early years and throughout later life the main growth regulator is the endocrine system, whereas the hormone responsible for growth is produced by the pituitary gland. Not less important role in this process is played by sex hormones and thyroid hormones.

Until what age grow: how much time and when it stops?

Despite all of the common graphs and diagrams that provide for stability and gradual progress of growth, children often grow "irregular", which alternate with rather long pauses. There are three stages at which a person grows most rapidly is 1 year, 4-5 years of puberty (puberty). At this time, the body works to full effect, why children get sick more often and suffer from functional disorders of organs and systems.

During the slowdown, the body goes into a phase of calm and inner organs start to develop.

In puberty girls (11-12 years) begins to dramatically add to growth from 6 to 11 inches, adding to an average of 8 inches per year. Boys enter puberty a bit later (13-14 years), so they increase in height from 7 to 12 inches – an average of 9.5 centimeters per year. By the age of 15 most girls reach their final growth, then as the boys finally grow up to 19-20 years. However, people, regardless of gender, continues little by little to grow after 25 years. The growth stops approximately 35-40 years, after which people begin to decline by 12 millimeters every decade since articular and vertebral cartilage is gradually dehydrated and wilt.