You will need
  • - a computer, laptop or tablet;
  • - connect to the Internet;
  • - page in the "Classmates";
  • - unwanted friends.
On the main page of the site "Classmates" enter your username and password and confirm the login. On the page in the horizontal menu under your name, look for the tab "Friends". Click it.
On the opened page, find the photo of the person you are going to remove from this list. Hover your mouse over the avatar "friend". Before you open the menu. Here choose the lower fad "stop being friends" and click on it. Next again to confirm your action. Now this man is not your friend.
The same procedure is done with the other unwanted companions. Removing a user's social network "Classmates," friends, you are automatically removed from the same list on his page.
If you want someone from remote people to say goodbye for sure. To be sure that he (she) will no longer be able to contact you in the "Classmates". Put this man in the "Black list".
To this end, the "Guests" section, find a photo of this person. Hover over it and in the opened menu, click on the last line "lock", and re-confirm your decision. This man is now in the "Black list".