You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
To remove the offer of friendship in "My World", go to your page. Click on "offer friendship". Click "reject". All. Friend will not be added to your page.
If you want to reject the offer of friendship from the obvious to you spammer "Vkontakte", click on the tab "my friends". There you will see 3 pages: "all friends", "friends online" and "request friend". Click on the last link and click "reject". If you have sent a request to another person, but then change your mind, click on "outgoing requests to friends" - "to cancel the order and unsubscribe".
If you do not want to accept a friend request on a social network "Facebook", tap on the icon of people, meaning requests to add friends. Then click on the "not now". Thus you reject the offer of friendship.
In the "Classmates" friendship is possible, if you go to the link "notifications". If you were offered friendship, and you want to communicate with this person, then click on the "ignore" button. The friend request is not accepted.
Do not add to your page of people you don't know. They can be spammers and robots, and your page will quickly get bogged down in the numerous invitations to meetings of the group and offers to buy a desired product. If you are interested in this account, contact him with a question. You have not received a response to your question, but an invitation and hanging? Safely reject it. With a high degree of confidence we can say that it's a fake account.