A handy option

Probably, everyone has such a person, communication with which is not a pleasure, and often spoils the mood. This can be a friend that you suddenly fell out, or jealous rival, or a rival. Perhaps you are someone concerned about Intrusive offers, invites to join the group...However, the reason for irritation can be many. Fortunately, administrators and developers the social network "Classmates" provided it was able to provide its users with a very useful service. It's called "black list". Its essence is very simple: the person under this section will no longer be able to visit your page, and accordingly, would not comment on your photos, statuses, notes, writing posts, etc, I'll leave you alone, because access to your page for it will be limited.

The "black list"

To use the option "black list", will need nothing to connect to. To pay for it is also not necessary: this service is provided free of charge. And now a little more how to send in the "black list" undesirable "classmates". If the user goes to "visit" your page, you will need to open the "Guests" link to go to it is in the top bar on your personal page) and the list of visitors to find a person, communication with which you are going to stop. Hover over his picture, the mouse and drop-down box, select the function "Block."

After clicking on this label opens a window where a window will open to submit all of the nerds in the "black list". To place unwanted user in this category, click "Block." That's about it. Now you can be sure the user you more will not come.

If the person who is unpleasant to you, in the "guests" do not go, and writes the message, too – not a problem. Just you need in the section "Messages", clicking on the appropriate button on the top panel. In the left list, select the user, select it, and in correspondence with him on the top line next to the name of this "classmate" press the pictogram of a crossed-out circle. In the next window, confirm your decision to block this person.

If sooner or later you will change your mind and decide to resume the communication with the user from the "black list", just unlock it. Go to the "black list", which you can download at the bottom of the page, select user in the drop down window, select "Unblock". Then confirm your decision by "Delete"button.