When we find of a person of interest in a particular social network and want to add it to "friends", you must send a confirmation of friendship. What do you do if the person who asks you to accept the offer, you for some reason do not like? To refuse the request. Consider how to do this, the example of Russia's most popular social networks.
In the left vertical menu beside the link "My friends" will show a number which indicates the number of applications you offerm friendship. Click on the link to My friends. You will be taken to a page with suggestions. You will see a person's avatar, his name, can go to his page and see full profile. Under this information there are two buttons "Accept offer" and "Reject". Click "Reject". To cancel your offer of friendship it is impossible.
In the top horizontal menu, click "Alerts" will appear a figure with the number of news related to the applications and acceptance of friendship. Click on it. You will see all the applications with the proposalm of friendship. There is a link to the profile of the person who submitted the request. Under each application you will see the buttons "Accept" and "Cancel". Click "Cancel". To withdraw his offer of friendship impossible.
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Click on the number near the menu item "Friends" in the left vertical menu. Figure reflects the number of applications. You will see the photo, name and surname of the person, and also two buttons – "Friends" and "Refuse". Click on the "Refuse". To cancel the proposal, which has expelled you, impossible.
Click on the first button from the left near the Facebook logo at the top horizontal menu. You will see all the requests for adding friends that you did. Click "Deny". As in all previous cases, their offer impossible to withdraw.