Congratulations with the day of birth, written by himself, is more pleasant utterances of the purchase cards. Besides, it can be applied not necessarily on the card. Why not try as a improvised (and highly original) material to the balloon, say, or a scarf draped over the shoulders, meeting you at the entrance to the house, birthday boy would be easy to read your greetings.
Believe me, the way of presenting your congratulations to the no less important its content. And the more original it is, the greater the impression congratulations.
Based on the greetings can take a verse (written on the basis of the personal qualities of the guilty party) or the famous song, the text of which can be corrected in accordance with the name and traits of the birthday boy. Depending on the age of congratulations, the text could be slightly encrypt, replacing some nouns (verbs) of the drawn objects. For example, teenagers will certainly appreciate this way of congratulations. Don't be afraid to go beyond the conventional traditions, on the contrary, run away from boring templates and try to surprise with new ideas of their friends and relatives. Good luck in this entertaining!