Advice 1: How to sign the card birthday

It would seem that the card is a trifle, and how many pleasant emotions it presents to the birthday boy! Without a good, sincere greeting even the most expensive gift may look boring. But how to choose a sincere and accurate words that will be remembered for a long time?
How to sign the card birthday
Best greetings to anyone - it is a wish of health and happiness, expressed genuinely and sincerely. In the text of the message should sound sincere respect for the birthday boy, recognizing his abilities, skills, talents, the joy of meeting with this person.
You we appreciate, respect,

You are sure always

And happy birthday to congratulating,

We wish you happiness for years to come.
Now greetings are almost white magic, conspiracy, health, happiness and longevity.
Young people love humorous and light, congratulations. In such cases, you can do literally one line. For example, "Successes and gingerbread. Or, "Let thy life is peace."
Live, not knowing the sorrows and troubles,

And strong will let health

For many, many, many years.
If the birthday boy loves greetings in verse, and with imagination the trouble, you can use ready verses. You can refer to the verses of the classics, you can open one of the greetings, only to redo some lines.
Useful advice
It is better to avoid the vulgar and hackneyed jokes like: "Health in my personal life" or "I Wish you to attack money". Better instead to write two lines with a sincere, serious and good wishes.

Advice 2 : How to write a postcard to a colleague

The choice cards for colleagues is limited to the reason for congratulations is the birthday, New year, March 8 or 23 February, etc. the design of the cards is determined by your personal relationships – from a strict and solid design to friendly.
How to write a postcard to a colleague
You can address the colleague by name, to do it officially (my name), mentioning the position or preceded by a greeting, an expression of respect and appreciation.
Use warm, sincere wishes. In his congratulatory text avoid using pretentious and standard expressions, phrases (e.g., "long life", "good health" "wish fulfillment", etc.). Get creative and use such a hackneyed phrase.
Be brief. It is not necessary to fill the entire canvas cards, rewriting all the congratulations. Heart phrase of two lines will give your wishes much more accurate and easier to understand than "poem" on the two halves of the card.
Do not decorate a homemade greeting card patterns. This method of registration greetings fit in the case if you sign a postcard to the child, good friend or mother. If you congratulate a colleague, the observance of certain rules required – the handwriting should be smooth and beautiful, color is better to choose classic (black, red, blue), it is possible to dispense with additional decorative elements (squiggles, drawings, stickers, etc.).
Sign the card yourself. Even if your handwriting is not too beautiful, you should not ask someone to do it for you or print the text on the computer – so you are depriving your message of individuality. You can often find postcards, printed in a beautiful font at the bottom with stamped signature by hand – this is an option, but also considered slightly impersonal. In the end, get a postcard with greetings and sign below your name.
Make small greeting. It would be better if a few lines you write yourself, but you can use ready verses, only select the most original and imaginative text. Ensure that the greeting and registration cards matched the theme. Classic and elegant the card will approach the poems in a style, humorous card with funny picture to sign short humorous quatrain.
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