Advice 1: How to sign the card birthday

It would seem that the card is a trifle, and how many pleasant emotions it presents to the birthday boy! Without a good, sincere greeting even the most expensive gift may look boring. But how to choose a sincere and accurate words that will be remembered for a long time?
How to sign the card birthday
Best greetings to anyone - it is a wish of health and happiness, expressed genuinely and sincerely. In the text of the message should sound sincere respect for the birthday boy, recognizing his abilities, skills, talents, the joy of meeting with this person.
You we appreciate, respect,

You are sure always

And happy birthday to congratulating,

We wish you happiness for years to come.
Now greetings are almost white magic, conspiracy, health, happiness and longevity.
Young people love humorous and light, congratulations. In such cases, you can do literally one line. For example, "Successes and gingerbread. Or, "Let thy life is peace."
Live, not knowing the sorrows and troubles,

And strong will let health

For many, many, many years.
If the birthday boy loves greetings in verse, and with imagination the trouble, you can use ready verses. You can refer to the verses of the classics, you can open one of the greetings, only to redo some lines.
Useful advice
It is better to avoid the vulgar and hackneyed jokes like: "Health in my personal life" or "I Wish you to attack money". Better instead to write two lines with a sincere, serious and good wishes.

Advice 2: How to sign gift

Receiving gifts is very nice. But there are times when gifts given away a lot and need to identify the gift giver, and simply add yourself a gift of good wishes. To come up with this sign gifts. And it can be done in various ways.
A pleasant surprises.
You will need
  • Paper (colored)
  • Glue
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Markers
  • Cards
Better to sign a giftif it is packaged in brown paper. The easiest way is to write your wishes directly on it with colored markers. Better if the color markers are a contrasting color wrapping paper to make the letters stand out and easy to read.
You can also use postcards that have your desired wishes. The card will only sign your name and then attach it to the gift.
The following method is more labor-intensive, but also more beautiful. Signing of the gifts we'll need strips of paper on which to write, or pre-printed wishes. Then the text of the figure is cut out and glued to the box. If you use colored paper, gift will look much more effective.
Useful advice
Before you write on the gift markers, test them first on an ordinary sheet, suddenly they dried up.
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